Mr Selfridge: Episode 2 preview video & pictures – Rose gets jealous as Ellen & Harry’s flirting steps up!

by Anna Howell

After last week’s phenomenally good opening episode of ITV’s new period drama, Mr Selfridge, fans can look forward to even more enjoyment in tonight’s instalment!

In episode one we were introduced to the main characters of this huge production based on Harry Selfridge, the man responsible for the hugely successful London department store, Selfridges, and this week we are in for a treat as their characters and storylines begin to unfold.

After the grand opening last week, with the help of hugely popular model, Ellen Love promoting the event, things are not going according to plan as rumours begin to circulate this week that the business is in financial trouble.

To combat the rumours, ever-so-slightly eccentric Mr Selfridge constructs a huge publicity stunt bringing an airplane into the store with a rather glamorous Ellen Love perched on top, smiling for the cameras.

And the cameras aren’t the only thing that Ellen is smiling for!

Last week we saw the very blunt model make her intentions to Selfridge abundantly clear, and this week she can be seen flirting outrageously with the department store owner, giggling into his ear, which by the smile on his face, Harry doesn’t mind one little bit.

But Ellen is by far the only woman that Harry has to contend with, however, and viewers tonight will see the hugely powerful socialite and financial backer, Lady Mae Loxley, stirring a whole hornet’s nest of trouble when she fills Mrs Selfridge in on the antics of Ellen.

Rose Selfridge is already showing the signs of a desperate and frustrated housewife and with her husband continuously absent and letting her down, she may well be inclined to take Lady Mae’s bait – watch a clip here.

However, it seems that Rose may have other things to occupy her suspicious mind, mainly in the form of scruffy artist, Roddy! Mr Selfridge may well be getting a taste of his own medicine pretty soon!

Another person with a wandering eye this week is restaurant waiter, Victor. Last week viewers saw him making more than the occasional eye towards senior accessories assistant, Agnes Towler, but this week his attentions seems to be consumed by another, older lady, though his advances are not reciprocated.

Someone else that Ellen manages to upset in tonight’s episode is window artist, Henri Leclair! Henri, as viewers will know, was drafted in by Selfridge to create the best possible window displays. Initially delighted with his work, Selfridge takes the side of Ellen tonight when she expresses a dislike to Henri’s latest design, and orders him to start again.

Agnes’ brother George, who held a dark and secretive presence last week, is back to make more mischief tonight and Agnes is left fearing him even more when he manages to land himself with her at the store. What hold does he have on Agnes? Whatever it is, it certainly seems to be a strong, watch a frightened Agnes’ reaction to the news that they are to be co-workers in the clip below:

George isn’t the only relative of Agnes’ to feature in tonight’s episode though, as their menacing father, Reg, turns up on our screens too, and from the look on Agnes’ face, it is not a happy occasion!

Watch the second episode of Mr Selfridge tonight at 9pm on ITV1/ITV1 HD.