Mr Selfridge Episode 7 preview: Sherlock Holmes comes to Selfridges, Harry holds a séance and Agnes and Henri kiss! (VIDEO)

by Anna Howell

Tomorrow night see’s the seventh episode of the current hit ITV period drama, Mr Selfridge.

After last week’s drama, Rose is disturbed to discover that Harry has been having nightmares and hallucinations, and concludes he isn’t ready to return to work so soon.

The legendary author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle pays Selfridges a visit for the Sherlock Holmes book signing, which pleases Harry who greets him with huge grandeur. After enjoying a very pleasant lunch with Sir Arthur and an American companion of his, Rex Crennell, a spiritual medium and Rose, Harry is subjected to a conversation of the spiritual kind when the subject turns to his near-death experience, with Rex offering to hold a séance for the staff.

Wanting to keep Sir Arthur happy, as well as keeping at the forefront of new thinking and progress in Selfridges, despite not being that keen on the idea himself, however he reluctantly agrees.

During the séance the staff isn’t sure how to react to the proceedings! Whilst some are spooked, others remain cynical. Miss Mardle is convinced that one of the messages is from Mr Grove’s recently deceased wife. However, the séance is broken when a malign male force ‘pushes’ itself disturbingly onto Rex, causing candles to flicker and an ominous mood descends on the room. Rex tells Harry he felt the malicious spirit drawn to him, but Harry is dismissive, however Lois is concerned, as she clearly has something on her mind…

Harry is focussed on the store’s progression as he instructs senior staff to improve and reinvigorate their departments, concentrating on new product lines, new suppliers, and an injection of fresh thinking.

Miss Ravillious believes the key to improve her department, Ladies Fashion, is Agnes Towler, a transfer that Harry agrees to as a reward for Miss Ravillious’ sensible and effective handling of the Suffragette crisis.

Elsewhere, Frank Edwards and Kitty indulge in a playful in-store flirtation.

Harry’s daughter, Rosalie prepares to attend her first society soiree at Lady Mae’s, whilst Lois is worrying about Harry since his accident , the nightmares and hallucinations he is having playing heavily on her mind.

Harry’s determination and drive to make Selfridges succeed take him to a new level as he embarks on a new project, burgeoning stock issue of public shares to raise capital.

Harry’s aim is to speed up the banks handling of the stock issue, however, Harry’s action plan worries Crabb and Musker, who think that his approach may upset and discourage the more traditional and conservative men of the City.

Elsewhere, on the shop floor, Kitty receives a box of humbugs from a secret admirer! Jumping the gun a tad, Kitty comes to the conclusion that the culprit is Frank and gets excited when another note arrives with details of a later rendezvous…

On their tea break, Doris and Kitty bump into Miss Bunting – the former Head of Ladies Fashion who was sacked for stealing. She can’t get a new job without a reference, and has fallen on hard times. Her plight really gets under Doris’ skin, and they strike up an unlikely friendship. Doris feels compelled to go to Mr Grove to see if there’s any way Miss Bunting could get a reference from Mr Selfridge. Mr Grove promises to ask, and his eyes are opened to her kind and caring nature.

Lady Mae is continuing her steamy affair with Victor, but is approached by Musker to ‘help out’ when the bankers make a visit to the store. Already acquainted with the Chairman she finds herself in a sticky situation when she turns up at Selfridges whilst he is being given the grand tour.
However, she soon wins him over with her clever magic touch!

Finally, as Agnes undertakes her new role in Ladies’ Fashion, she enlists the help of Henri who is happy to be of service. However, Their friendship takes an unexpected turn when they end up in rather an intimate and passionate embrace!

“For a sneaky peak at tomorrow night’s action, watch the clip below!

Mr Selfridge continues on Sunday night at 9pm on ITV1/ITV1 HD.