Mr Selfridge: Frances O’Connor says she bases Mrs Selfridge’s character on Hillary Clinton!

by Anna Howell

Mr Selfridge star, Frances O’Connor, has revealed that she considers her character in the hit ITV period drama to be like former first lady, Hillary Clinton!

Fans of the hugely popular show based on the infamous London department store, Selfridges, will know how Frances character, Mrs Rose Selfridge, is somewhat in the dark about her husband, Harry Selfridge’s (Jeremy Piven) cheating ways as he carries on a steamy affair with the shops model, Spirit of Selfridges, Ellen Love.

However, O’Connor, who plays his long-suffering wife, believes her character knows really and that this is probably not the first time her husband has strayed!

Comparing her character to Hillary Clinton who, when it was revealed that her husband President Bill Clinton had been having a similar affair with a White House employee, decided to stand by her man, O’Connor explained: “I think Rose knew Harry played the field.

“But when you’ve got four kids together and you also know your husband loves you, it’s hard.

“It’s like Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton is not a bad person but, with guys who are powerful and charismatic, it will often happen as they attract people.”

However, fans of the show will know that Rose, who has regularly been left to her own devices whilst Harry parades Ellen on his arm shamelessly, hasn’t exactly faded into the wallpaper!

In a recent episode of the series, which continued last night, Rose befriended a local, rugged artist Roddy (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and, whilst giving her husband a taste of his own medicine, begins to question her own feelings.

Frances, who was born in Britain but who now lives in Los Angeles with her partner and their son, said of her characters situation: “They develop a friendship and are clearly very attracted to each other.

“Rose knows she’s been taken for granted by her husband Harry, but it’s a dilemma for her.”

Mr Selfridge continues on Sunday night at 9pm on ITV1/ITV1 HD.

Watch Jeremy Piven, who plays Harry Selfridge in the show, in an n interview with Jonathan Ross in the clip below: