Mr Selfridge Series 2: Grégory Fitoussi says Henri Leclair WILL return and that he will be more “mysterious”!

After rumours that Mr Selfridge star Grégory Fitoussi would not be returning for the second series of the hit ITV period drama, we are excited to tell you that the French star has revealed to Digital Spy that Henri Leclair will be back!

We reported back in February how the dashing Frenchman, who plays the creative director in the show based on the infamous London department store, had been revealed as leaving the show at the end of the series one finale, but according to the Sun newspaper at the time, show bosses were still hopeful he would return – and it seems they have got their wish!

Mr Selfridge has already been commissioned for a second series, which will begin filming later this year, and show execs made it known how keen they were to persuade Fitoussi, who fans saw leave the shop at the end of series one after securing a job in New York, to return at some point during its next run.

A source told the publication at the time: “Henri will be seen leaving the store in the final episode of the first series. Show bosses really want him to return.”

And now, in an interview with Digital Spy at the 53rd Monte Carlo TV Festival, Fitoussi has revealed that Henri will return, as well as some snippets of gossip for the series ahead.

On his experience filming the first series, he explained:

“Well, I am French and I haven’t been speaking English for long when I started filming Mr Selfridge so it was a bit difficult at the beginning understanding all those different accents that you guys can have from all over England but still people were so welcoming with me and very kind. I worked with such talented people though, it became easier”


On working with Jeremy Piven, he continued:

“He is amazing, I was a big fan of him before I even met him because I saw Entourage and I was just so happy to work with him. I have to say when I knew that he was going to play Harry Selfridge I was really thrilled and excited to play his best friend in the show so it really was perfect for me.”


Add with regards to his character returning to the show, he revealed:

“Yes, I am coming back, hopefully.

“Henri has spent 5 years in new York where he went to join his lover, a French girl called Valery who was living there, and obviously it didn’t work out.

“So he comes back to London in a very different mood from the first series, and we will learn very slowly what happened to him in those five years – he is very mysterious when he comes back!”

Mr Selfridge is due to begin filming its second series, picking up five years after the first, later this year, watch an interview with Jeremy Piven who plays Harry Selfridge in the clip below: