Mr Selfridge: Zoe Tapper reveals she pretends she is Marilyn Monroe to play Ellen Love!

by Anna Howell

Mr Selfridge star, Zoe Tapper, has revealed that in order to bring her character, Ellen Love, to life she pretends that she is Marilyn Monore!

Tapper, whose character Ellen is the ‘Spirit of Selfridges in the hit ITV period drama, says this is because she believes her character, who is a show girl turned model, is similar to Monroe as both women are fragile and haunted behind their glamorous exteriors.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper, Zoe explained: “She reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. She’s got this vivacious, sexy, wide-eyed side to her and lives the dream of the showgirl.

“On the other hand she’s also got these inner demons that lurk underneath and a fragility that can rear its head.

“She’s a lovely social butterfly but sometimes allows herself to get a little bit too close to the fire and gets her wings singed and gets herself hurt.”

Fans of the popular show have watched Ellen use her sexual prowess and celebrity status to woo married Harry Selfridge over the last two weeks. However Ellen fell to pieces during last night’s episode when Harry revealed he would never leave his wife, Rose, and marry Ellen instead.

The model turns to drugs and alcohol to heal her pain, much like the way Marilyn turned to prescription drugs when faced with similar heartache. However Zoe insists that her character will not meet the same untimely end as Marilyn, who committed suicide at the slender age of 36:

“Ellen’s a survivor and can always claw her way back.”

Zoe, whose other credits include playing Anya Raczynski in Survivors and Mina Harker in Demons, went on to say how she finds the Selfridges experience a far cry from her own shop working experiences:

“I worked on the men’s shirts section in Marks & Spencer’s in Bromley when I was 16.

“I used to go home and have nightmares about stacking men’s shirts.

“I’ve worked in an off-licence as well, when I was 18 — called Bottoms Up.

“So I’ve done my fair share of shop work.”

Mr Selfridges continues on Sunday at 9pm on ITV1/ITV1 HD.

Watch a clip of When Selfridges met the cast of Mr Selfridge in the clip below: