Mr Selfridge’s Katherine Kelly, Zoë Tapper & Aisling Loftus get a sexy makeover (PICTURES)


The glamorous girls from ITV1’s Mr Selfridge have a style makeover courtesy of this week’s Grazia magazine.

Actresses Katherine Kelly, Zoë Tapper and Aisling Loftus star in Grazia’s Spring Shopping Issue.

Aisling Loftus, 22, who plays Agnes Towler, commented: “My costumes are just floor-length black dresses. But I do love wearing the corsets. They made me stand better.”

We’ve seen Harry Selfridge (Jeremy Piven) help Agnes go from a junior shop girl to senior fashion assistant at the store, and help her escape from her violent drunken father, Reg. But Aisling and Jeremy didn’t click at first. “Amanda Abbington [Miss Mardle] and I used to take the mick all the time, which is very British I suppose. A couple of times I had to reassure Jeremy that I was just joking.”

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Zoe Tapper, 31, who plays glamorous showgirl Ellen Love, says of Piven: “He oozes charm, but he found it very different working with a bunch of Brits,” she says. “When you do a good take on set in America, everyone slaps you on the back and high fives you. Here we just ignore you. It took Jeremy a while to realise we weren’t rude.”

Katherine Kelly is best known for her role as Coronation Street’s brash blonde barmaid Becky McDonald, so her transformation into Mr Selfridge’s super-rich socialite Lady Mae Loxley was quite a dramatic one. “Honestly, I’d prefer to be bombing it around in a tracksuit like Becky,” Katherine laughs. “The corsets are a nightmare. The thought of having to be laced into one of those every day is just horrendous. You can’t breathe, eat, or even get out of your clothes without someone’s help! I loved all the amazing hats though.”


But while her costumes might be more demure than those of Corrie’s Becky, 33-year-old Katherine’s character isn’t strait-laced. Indeed, in one episode we saw married Lady Mae – one of Selfridges’ key investors in the show – rolling around topless in bed with one of her lovers, Victor, a store waiter. “She’s quite racy but then so is Harry Selfridge,” she says. “She likes younger boys and he likes younger women.”

Barnsley-born Katherine’s style is rather different to Lady Mae. “I spend my life in vintage shops. I’m also a fan of Stella McCartney, Peter Pilotto, and you can’t beat an Alexander McQueen suit.”

This week’s Spring Shopping special issue of Grazia is on sale now (Tuesday).

The final episode of Mr Selfridge airs Sunday at 9pm, ITV1; Mr Selfridge: Series One comes to Blu-Ray and DVD on 11 March 2013, courtesy of Universal Pictures (UK