Mrs Brown’s Boys: Brendan O’Carroll has written a part for Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville in film Mrs Brown D’Movie!

by Anna Howell

We reported yesterday how the hugely popular BBC sitcom, Mrs Brown’s Boys, was planning on making its film debut next year, and now it seems that the shows main star and writer, Brendan O’Carroll has set his sights on Downton Abbey star, Hugh Bonneville, to appear alongside his fictional family when it hits the big screen!

O’Carroll confirmed the news that Mrs Brown’s Boys was to be made into a film yesterday saying to Digital Spy:

“It’s called Mrs Brown D’Movie, and it should be released in June of next year to compete with the World Cup.

“Once we’ve finished that, there may be a possibility of a fourth television series.”

Now the drag actor has revealed that he wants Bonneville, who plays Lord Grantham in the hit ITV period drama, Downton Abbey in the film, Mrs Brown D’Movie to play a Tourette’s Syndrome suffering lawyer.

The film, which is reported to be costing £3.8million, will see Agnes Brown take on a syndicate who plans to build a shopping centre where her fruit and veg market stall currently resides.

Bonneville will hopefully play the barrister who defends Agnes, whose career is circling the drain due to his condition which sees him suffer repeated outbursts of foul mouthed obscenities.

O’Carroll told the Sun newspaper: “This barrister hasn’t represented anyone for five years because when he is under pressure he develops Tourette’s.

“I’m hoping to get Hugh Bonneville for the part.

“I wrote it with him in mind and couldn’t stop laughing — I think he’d be brilliant.”

“The movie will revolve around a court case after a politician, developer and banker team up to close a Dublin market.

“They think Agnes’s stall will be easy to shut down because she’s a widow — but she has no intention of going anywhere without a fight.

“She employs a solicitor, who her daughter Cathy (Brendan’s wife Jennifer Gibney) falls for, and a barrister — which is where Hugh will come in.”

Filming of the Mrs Brown, D’Movie is scheduled to begin in August ahead of a 2014 release.

Watch the first episode of the current series of Mrs Brown’s Boys in the clip below: