MTV to remake Teen Wolf but will it be any good?

by Lisa McGarry

MTV have announced that they intend to remake 80’s hit movie, ‘Teen Wolf.’

The Hollywood Reporter states:

The 1985 film starred Michael J. Fox as a teenager who discovers he is a werewolf. The MTV version will be set in high school, draw from the horror genre to explore werewolf mythology and include a romantic plot line.

“It has a fresh take and is very different from the original,” said Liz Gateley, senior vp MTV series development. “It has more of an ‘American Werewolf in London’ feel to it. It’s a dramatic thriller with two best friends in the center who provide a great comedy element: They are two very relatable characters on the outer circles of popular cliques.”

I get that Werewolves are big right now (thaks Twilight!) but I am completely underwhelmed by news of this new show. I loved Michael J Fox as Teen Wolf, in fact I may just rent the movie again to remind myself how awesome it was. Check out MJ below as the ‘boy in wolf’s clothing.’

However, jump forward to 1987 and MJ was way too big to film a sequel so in comes Jason Bateman as the hairy wolfey cousin. His development was obviously delayed, as the werewolf genes didn’t kick in until he hit college. Bring on the keg party scenes! The movie offers only a faint echo of its predecessor, and one is left to wonder whether Bateman only landed the role due his dad producing the movie.

Roll on another few years and view the awfulness of Teen Wolf the cartoon. A show so bad that even children wouldn’t watch it!

So the question remains. Can MTV do any better, or are they flogging a dead horse in this climate of fanatical remaking?

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