Murder victim Holly Wells’ parents speak about their daughter ten years after her death in, Soham: A Parents’ Tale

On Friday, August 3rd on ITV1 at 9pm, we’ll see moving documentary film, Soham: A Parents’ Tale, which revisits the horrific murder a decade ago of ten year olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

The girls were of course killed by evil psychopath Ian Huntley, and now, ten years on from the horrible event, Holly’s parents, Kevin and Nicola Wells, open up about how they’ve coped since their daughter was murdered, and how they’ve tried to move on.

And one of the revelations we’ll hear from the Wells’ is that they considered adopting a child after they lost Holly, however, the couple eventually rejected the idea as they thought it would be impossible to find anyone who could replace their beautiful daughter…

The Daily Mirror reports that Nicola said, “We felt we were still young enough to raise another child. We slept on it for a long time, six months, and researched it online.

“We decided we could not adopt a girl, it would have felt too much like trying to replace Holly.

“We would have chosen a boy but even so, it seemed like too great a demand for any child to step into the shoes of such a fantastic daughter.

“As for fostering, I realised I could not face handing over a child I had come to love because I just could not bear any more loss.”

Also in the film, Holly’s dad Kevin reveals his memories of the moment he first came face to face with Huntley, who, after killing the girls on August 4, 2002, burnt their bodies in a ditch. The girls’ remains were eventually found in the ditch a fortnight later.

Of his encounter with Huntley – who made a pretence of helping to search for the missing girls, even speaking to TV reporters about the hunt for the children – Kevin said, “He came up and just rubbed me on the chest and shoulder, and said something along the lines of ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t realise it was your daughter’.”

Kevin added, “The intensity of grief in 2002 through the early stages was absolutely debilitating but of course Holly doesn’t go away and our thoughts and the memories of Holly don’t go away.

“The effects of that grieving process don’t go away. For the first five months after Holly died we broke down together, but after that we processed our grief at different speeds. The physical side of our marriage died.

“They say 95% of the parents of murdered children split up. We were determined to be
among the 5% that survived.

“Eventually hard work and routine turned us round. Slowly but surely we came back together as a couple, thank goodness.”

And finally, as the 10th anniversary of Holly’s death approaches, Kevin said, “It gives rise to questions about all that Holly might have been by now.

“I will never walk a daughter down the aisle, never see her off to another life. She will remain as she was a decade ago.”

Huntley was jailed for life for the murders in the Cambridgeshire village while his girlfriend, Maxine Carr, served just 21 months for perverting the course of justice after providing him with a false alibi.

Don’t miss, Soham: A Parents’ Tale on ITV1 at 9pm on Friday, August 3.


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