Hollyoaks Spoilers: MURDER! Who kills Fraser Black? Grace, Trevor, Tegan or Sandy?

by Anna Howell
hollyoaks fraser black jesse birdsall

hollyoaks fraser black jesse birdsall

Well, as we have previously reported, Fraser Black is set to be murdered in an upcoming Hollyoaks storyline, the biggest who-dunnit since who killed Lindsey Nolan, so Unreality TV thought we would take a look at the list of suspects.

All we know so far about the murder is that just about everyone (apart from Sam Lomax as she finds the body)is a suspect because, let’s face it, Fraser (Jesse Birdsall) is not without his enemies.

But with every village resident seeming to have a motive, which one actually killed him?

Fraser is obviously part of the village underworld, so the obvious suspects would be someone from his business, most notably his daughter and her partner!

Grace Black (Tamara Wall)

As fans will be well aware, Grace has some serious Daddy issues, having constantly having to live in the shadow of her older sister Clare and, more recently, her younger sister Rose. Fraser has stuck the knife in pretty deep over the years where Grace is concerned, having tried to split her and Trevor up and pretending that Grace had killed Joe Roscoe. But is her anger and resentment enough to drive her to murder? We’ve seen her flip out over less, and with Joe about to wake up, who knows what state of mind she will be in!

Our verdict: Quite likely 1/3 odds

hollyoaks trevor royle grace black 2

Trevor Royle (Greg Wood)

Trev has not been the same with Fraser ever since he found out that it was him who had killed his father, despite Grace lying to protect her father. We can’t help but wonder if, should the truth come out, Trevor may revert back to old form and carry off one last murder before going it straight in his tropical fish shop.

Our verdict: Very likely 1/4 odds

Sandy Roscoe (Gillian Taylforth)

The caring wife of Fraser, who is a nurse and who wouldn’t hurt a fly. However, we have all seen that fiery side to Sandy, and can only imagine how upset she is at having to accept Fraser’s lovechild Rose with Tegan Lomax, so wouldn’t like to see what her reaction would be if she found out that they have been having an affair too.

And Gillian Taylforth has already revealed she is leaving the show – Could it be in a police car?

Our verdict: Serious outsider 3/1 odds

Tegan Lomax (Jessica Ellis)

We have all seen how obsessive Tegan has become over Fraser, who has been humouring her at best to stop her from telling his wife about the baby he fathered. Now that Sandy knows that Rose is his, there is less need to keep Tegan so sweet, so perhaps he will break it off with her, leaving her broken hearted, and angry enough to kill?

Our verdict: Not likely 9/1 odds

Ray McCormick

The obvious candidate, Fraser’s biggest nemesis and barely mentioned in the show meaning no one would really miss him if he went to jail, but the killer being Ray seems a little lazy if you ask us. Is he a red herring? Or a double bluff?

Our Verdict: Odds on favourite 1/9

So, there we have it, our top murder suspects! Do you agree, or do you think we have missed someone? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

Hollyoaks can be seen weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD – Watch the official Spring trailer featuring the murder, and lots more, in the clip below:


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  1. Emma on March 18, 2014 at 12:42 am

    A shame Frazer is going, but he had a dark past with his heavy Trevor and his daughters Clare (deceased) and Grace were both competing for his affections. Now he’s made enemy’s of wife Sandy Roscoe, Sandy’s sons from a previous marriage to her late husband Alan, Ste Hay, the Lomax family (except for Tegan … who”s besotted with him). I don’t think it’ll be a random character that isn’t a regular. Someone that wasn’t mentioned as a possible suspect was Alex Browning – so it could be him – perhaps having a killer father and finding out the truth about his death proved to much and he lashes out.

    One thing I do hope is that some scenes are shown in a short Hollyoaks Later series – like they did when Trevor sent Tony Hutchinson, Dom his half brother and bestie Finn on a drugs run. And Callum Kane was killed by an unhinged girl whilst he had gone away with then girlfriend Holly Cunningham. Anyway, I digress ….

    Every good soap baddie deserves a send off – and a don’t mean a boring taxi/coach/bus/train/plane exit … Sad we are seeing the back of Mr Black, but glad also his reign of terror will cease once and for all. No doubt someone else will carry his torch … of evil ! I keep waiting for demon headmaster Patrick Blake to meet a grisly end – perhaps it’ll be revealed he’s suffered a brain tumour for half his life, which would explain his irrational and nasty behaviour towards his daughter Sienna and fiancé Maxine Minniver.

    RIP Fraser Black – Died March/April 2014. Evil father to Grace Black and beloved father to Clare Devine & Rose Lomax-Black … Till the bitter end.

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