Musketeers season 2 spoilers: MORE sex and violence & who replaces Peter Capaldi?

The Musketeers ep3

The Musketeers BBC

Who needs Peter Capaldi?

The BBC has promised that we will be getting more sex and violence in the new series of Musketeers making it more fitting to its 9pm timeslot.

In fact, according to The Daily Star newspaper, writer Adrian Hodges, only toned down the sex and violence in series one because he was originally told that the period drama would air at 8pm.

Of course the show actually ended up going out at 9pm, a time slot it is keeping when the second series airs next year, and so Hodges has now revealed that he will be adding in lots more graphic scenes when it does.

The publication quotes the writer as saying on the matter:

“We wouldn’t have done the first series in that way had we been doing the whole thing as a 9pm show. We would have pushed the tone much further in terms of sexuality and violence ”

The Musketeers

But fear not, he plans on making up for it in the new series, as he went on to explain:

“So for this second series, I knew we were going out at 9pm and so we have pushed it harder for this audience.”

Of course there will be one person missing from the second series, Peter Capaldi who has been whisked away in a Tardis to play the 12th Time Lord in Doctor Who, which Hodges has admitted caused him quite a bit of re-writing for the new series.


In the first series villainous Capaldi played Cardinal Armand Richelieu but after he announced his decision to leave casting directors got Marc Warren in to replace him playing Rochefort for the second series, on which Hodges commented:

“Marc will be the villain and he will run through the whole series, coming in and out of the boys’ stories like The Cardinal did.”

The new series of Musketeers began filming in April this year and is expected to hit our BBC screens early next year – Watch a clip from the first series below: