My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding to return for one-off Valentine’s Day special, My Big Fat Gypsy Valentine!

by Lynn Connolly

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Fans of hit Channel 4 show Big Fat Gypsy Weddings will no doubt be pleased to hear that the broadcaster is airing a Valentine’s special edition entitled, My Big Fat Valentine.

Airing on Monday 11 February, 9pm on Channel 4, the special will introduce 16 year old Traveller brides Ina Casey – who’s marrying her first boyfriend – and Danielle, who was 15 when she made the decision to get married.

Of her wedding, Danielle said, “People think that I’m 15 and I don’t know what love is, but he’s perfect for me and hopefully I’m perfect for him.”

In the last series, we saw Danielle on her hen night, but in the new show, we’ll see groom Brendan’s stag do which features Brendan and his friends singing and drinking around a campfire. He chose not to go to pubs or clubs, fearing he’d get into a fight…

We’ll also meet Theresa, an eight-year-old Irish Traveller with strong opinions who explains the rules of gypsy romance, however, it would seem she’s not keen to marry youg as she wants a career first.

Here’s what Channel 4 have to say about the new special…

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings returns with its most romantic reincarnation yet – a brand new one off Valentines special exploring love and courtship in the Traveller community.

We meet a group of girls still enthralled with the idea of fairytale romance. In the Traveller world it is still common to marry young and both the brides in this episode are 16-year-olds marrying their first loves.

my big fat gypsy valentine 3

But can the dream of a white wedding live up to the reality? And can the magic of the big day survive in the months and years afterwards?

We follow the love-struck teenagers in the build up to their big day and beyond, witnessing Brendan’s attempt to escape the long arm of the law and remain with his young bride and Danielle’s growing determination to keep her new husband on the straight and narrow…

And just in case you’ve recently arrived here from Mars and have therefore never seen BFGW, here’s what it’s all about…

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