Naked Britain coming to Sky One

by Lisa McGarry

Get set to find out whether Britons are still a nation of prudes or can’t wait to get nude in revealing Sky1 documentary Naked Britain. This three part series strips Britain bare and dissects its attitudes to nudity. Psychologists Jack Lewis and Anjula Mutanda will travel up and down the country on a mission to find out if Britannia lives up to her prudish reputation: does the birthday suit trigger bouts of blushing, or has this stereotype gone stale?

Emma Read, Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment, Sky1 commented: “Naked Britain is a fun and insightful investigation into the nation’s changing views towards nudity. Britain is famously prudish, but this show will challenge that notion and will uncover a whole host of loud and proud nudists.”

Jack Lewis commented: “I want to test my own attitudes to nudity. I thought it’d be interesting to throw myself in the deep end and see what my prejudices are in certain scenarios. Nudity is such a complex subject. When you’re a kid, you have no inhibitions, but then puberty happens and the shyness kicks in. Britain also makes an unwavering connection between nudity and sex. Scandinavian countries are more open-minded, and are able to separate non-sexual nudity from the sexual. The British can’t, it’s the Victorian hangover.”

Naked Britain will see Jack and Anjula put their own prejudices to the test as they meet weird and wonderful people, of all shapes and sizes, who are only too happy to shed their clothes. The pair explore the world of naturism, the relationship between nudity and art, and the idea that being naked is fundamentally naughty. Each episode will also see whether the nation dares to bare, by challenging the public to strip off for a set piece event. This will include a ‘Flesh Mob’ an original and daring twist on the flash mob where the public will be invited to come together and strip off on a London roof top. NAKED BRITAIN will also see ex-footballer David Ginola will be getting his kit off to pose for a nude portrait.

Episode one, Nature, examines people’s attitudes towards nudity. Traditionally Britain is not as comfortable with nudity as our European cousins but is this stereotype changing? Jack visits a naturist club and tries to take part. On a live radio station, Jack launches Nude Pride and tries to convince people that the natural body is worth celebrating.

Art explores the interesting relationship between nudity and art. From respected actors, to celebrities and members of the public, many of us are willing to get our kit off in the name of art. What is it about art that makes nudity OK? And where is the line between obscenity and art?

In the final instalment, Naughtiness examines the concept that being naked is fundamentally naughty. Nudity is most often thought of with sexual connotations. Jack goes to visit a Burlesque night and meets a group of women who are new to stripping. Getting nude in public can also be extremely naughty, from serial streakers to flashers, nudity in the wrong situation can lead to criminal charges. Naughtiness also looks into when nudity gets political, from naked pensioners to naked cyclists, people are using their naked bodies to fight for the causes they believe in. The episode will culminate in a live ‘flesh mob’ taking part in London.

Episode one, Nature, will be shown at 9pm on Monday 2nd November, followed by episode two, Art at 9.30pm.

Don’t miss Naked Britain, starts Monday 2nd November at 9pm on Sky1 HD and Sky1.