Natalie Cassidy loses three and a half stone after dumping Adam Cottrell!

Natalie Cassidy is on the breakup diet!

You know the one, split from a partner then lose tons of weight so you can slip into some slinky dresses and show him what he’s missing?

The former Eastenders actress dumped her fiancée Adam Cottrell – father to her daughter Eliza, 10 months old – after he was arrested last month for assaulting her in her London home.

She recently admitted that she ‘still loves’ Adam but confessed that she didn’t feel safe in his company

However, in an interview with The Sunday Mirror last weekend, frequently fluctuating Cassidy explained that now she is moving on with her life and trying to focus on developing a healthier lifestyle for the sake of her baby.

She won’t go overboard with the weightless though and explained:

‘“I have been through the mill with weight. I have been a size six, I’ve been a size 16 – bordering on an 18. But I am a size 10 now, and I feel that I am the weight I should be.’

Talking about pictures which emerged of her modelling a bikini while on holiday in Turkey recently, she added:

“I am very happy to pose in a bikini, I like the shape I have now. I had my boobs done when I was 22 and much bigger all over. I went from an A cup to a D cup to be in proportion. I am smaller all over now, so my boobs do look bigger – but I’m not complaining. Who moans about huge knockers and a tiny waist?”

Natalie also knows that now she has lost the weight, the work won’t stop. The actress puts on weight very easily and she even confessed that one day, she may consider plastic surgery.

Cassidy added:

“I worked hard to get this thin. I always have to work hard, and I always will. I put on weight very, very easily. I started exercising when Eliza was four months old, and now I am where I want to be.

“Apart from my flabby ‘mum tum’, I’m very happy. I can’t see myself ever having a six-pack, mind you. Sometimes I think I might have a tummy tuck, but then I think, f*** it, embrace it. I carried a baby for nine months, if that’s my war wound, I’m proud of it. And she is so worth it.