Natasha Kaplinsky is loving being a mum, but she says it’s “hard work”!

Glamorous news reader Natasha Kaplinsky has revealed that she’s loving being a mum of two, but she reckons it’s the hardest job she’s ever had.

38 year old Natasha is mum to Arlo, who’s now two-and-a-half, and Angelica, who’s one.

She told the Sunday Mirror, “Being a mum is the hardest job and I have got so much respect for full-time mums.

“I thought it was easy staying at home, but it really isn’t. It’s tough and draining at times.”

In fact, Natasha added that coping with the demands of two toddlers is far tougher than anchoring a “heavy news” bulletin.

She added, “Mine are still young and everyone says I am in the eye of the storm but you definitely cannot take your eye off them.

“My son is constantly picking things up he shouldn’t and my daughter is always eating. Which do you go for? Blood or vomit?

“Having presented Breakfast for three-and-a-half years, getting up at 3.20am, it in no way prepared me for the sleep deprivation we suffered with Angelica.

“She was a terrible sleeper, and I convinced myself she could only get to sleep with her legs tilted a certain way and one of us blowing on her cheek.

“My job meant I had quite an ordered life. That’s all been totally flipped on its head by Arlo, who will, quite randomly, decide he wants to have a sleep on the pavement when we’re just popping out for some milk.

“No political interview ever prepared me for the ruthless negotiator that Arlo is. I thought I could be quite tough, but he runs rings round me.

“[But] the children are the biggest joy in my life and, by far and away, becoming a mum has been the most amazing experience.

“When you become a mum, you feel an absolute passion for your children. I certainly do. They mean the absolute world to me.

“It has also opened up a whole new world. Having been a woman whose life was about pursuing my career, I have now been lucky enough to have a glimpse of a world I didn’t think I would ever have.
“I feel so lucky and while I wouldn’t go as far to say it has softened me – I have always been soft – I’d definitely say it’s made me rediscover the magic of life and slowed me right down.”

However, Natasha isn’t ready to be a stay-at-home mum just yet. She said, “Yes, my ambition has changed and I love being at home, but I think I would go slightly mad if I didn’t work a bit,” she confides.

“I want to carry on working part-time, but also spend quality time at home with the children. I am quite conscious of the fact they do need me too.

“They are only young, and Angelica wants lots of cuddles.”

Natasha will be seen on TV next hosing Born To Shine, which will air on ITV1 on Sunday nights.

The show sees gifted young children mentor celebrities in how to perform a new skill. They then have to perform live on stage.

Of the new show, Natasha said, “I am really excited about doing this show and it will be nerve-racking but great fun.”


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