NBC picks up four additional ‘Sean Saves the World’ scripts

by Nick Barnes


It has today been revealed that NBC has picked up four additional scripts for the current season of Sean Saves the World… maybe Sean Hayes can now pick up that dummy he spat out recently.

Now that NBC is finally showing a little bit of confidence in the series, maybe we could see those ratings pick up with a bit of marketing?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the order comes as NBC tries to cement its Thursday night line-up a little more firmly leading into the new year.

From the new year, Community will join the schedule and Parks & Recreation will act as the lead-in for Sean Saves the World, which could see the ratings rise every so slightly.

So far, the comedy starring Sean Hayes in the lead role as been averaging a total of 4 million viewers with a very low 1.3 rating in the key 18-49 demographic – that’s including live plus seven DVR returns.


Earlier this month, Sean Hayes threw his toys out of the pram after he slammed NBC for not having the same eye for comedy that CBS has. Ouch!!

Sean told TheTVPage.com: “To me, [the show] is working. It’s just the struggle of the elephant in the room which is ‘How do you get viewers to NBC?’

“NBC programs great shows, it just doesn’t have the eyeballs CBS does.”

Hayes continued: “Even if I wasn’t on the show, it’d be the funniest sitcom, to me, on the air right now. I watch it and go, ‘Well, this is really f**king funny.’ I wouldn’t change anything right now. I think it’s all working”.

The network recently rejigged its Wednesday and Thursday night schedules. A number of SNL specials among others shows have been put into the 8pm slot leading into Sean Saves the World in hopes that they will boost the ratings. Unfortunately, the network isn’t in any position to be axing yet another show… they have to make Sean save the ratings!

Sean Saves the World airs at 8/9c on Thursdays on NBC.