NBC’s Hannibal with Mads Mikkelsen, Laurence Fisburne, Eddie Izzard & Gillian Anderson has us hungry for more! SPOILERS!

NBC's Hannibal 2

By guest blogger Tom Chapman. Check him out on Twitter at tomtomchap

NBC’s Hannibal debuted this week with a blood filled, food laden hour of television, giving viewers a much anticipated look into the early years of one of fiction’s most notorious villains. FBI agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) is a haunted, if not genius, criminal profiler. Teamed with psychiatrist and secret cannibal Dr. Lecter the two play Batman and Robin in a part CSI, part Dexter, seven part series.

Disturbing cutaways and extended silences make up most of the episode, leaving enough room for the cast to shine, and the bromance between Lecter and Graham blossom. Executive producer Bryan Fuller told Reuters:

“There was a great chapter of Hannibal Lecter’s life that we haven’t seen in any of the movies or any of the books. We have seen him incarcerated and as a young man, and I felt the most interesting part of his life was when he was a practicing psychiatrist and a practicing cannibal and who he was prior to incarceration.”

NBC's Hannibal 1

Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen brings the same haunting quality that Anthony Hopkins brought to the titular role, and it is a relief as the audience to not constantly compare the two. Ultimately for most Hopkins will always be the one true Lecter, but Mikkelsen may just give him a run for his money. Masterchef has nothing on Mikkelsen as he flambees the lungs of a victim, then tosses them back with relish.

Laurence Fisburne’s Jack Crawford adds some star billing, whilst the future arrivals of Eddie Izzard and Gillian Anderson to the cast will keep you hungry for more.

NBC's Hannibal

Based only five pages from Thomas Harris’ ‘Red Dragon’ means that the series (hopefully) could run and run. With four books worth of material to use it may unfortunately be a while before the infamous Clarice Starling could be showing up. Elegant, beautiful, methodical, ‘Hannibal’ looks like it will ensure intense viewing over the next couple of months.

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