All you need to know! ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ & a BRAND NEW trailer!

by Sarah Jones


When Pitch Perfect was released back in 2012, it was an instant success at the box office earning over $113 million worldwide, with positive reviews from the critics aswell.

The film also picked up numerous awards from ‘People’s Choice’ to ‘Teen Choice’ in particular Rebel Wilson, who was absolutely hilarious as ‘Fat Amy’.

Now, the girls are back in the sequel which is set for release on May 15th 2015. We always fear when we’ve loved an original film that the sequel won’t live up to our expectations but the new trailer, which you can view in full below looks seriously awesome.

Of course, in the first film the girls won the nationals so where do they go from there? Well, the a capella group will take part in a GLOBAL competition and much like the original, the Bardem Bellas are very much the underdogs in a fiercely competitive race to the top.

“The world Championships of a capella where every 4 years the best from around the global compete for world domination – no American team has ever won!” Elizabeth Bank’s character Gail exclaims.


Everybody’s back for the 2nd installment and the trailer shows plenty of the girls bonding (especially camp fire sing-a-longs to Anna Kendrick’s ‘Cups’ which is now stuck in our heads again).

While one of our favorite parts of the film was Rebel Wilson’s hilarious quips and the trailer is made to show off just some of those funny bits we can expect. Including an initiation that sees her sliding down the stairs – we don’t need to tell you what followed!

The big changes we can see from the trailer is obviously the location and the different nationalities in the competition itself. While Hailee Steinfeld is joining the cast too, either way we’re seriously excited.


Elizabeth Banks has been a busy girl, acting, producing AND directing in this installment. Check out the trailer in full below and let us know your thoughts!

Sarah Jones

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