New characters to arrive in Chatsworth for series nine of Shameless

by Lynn Connolly

It’s been reported today that there are three new characters headed to the Chatsworth Estate when Shameless returns to our screens with a new series on January 10th.

They are former EastEnders stars Stephen Lord and Angeline Ball – who played Jase Dyer and Maggie Townsend respectively in ‘Enders – who play the roles of brother and sister, Dominic and Gloria Meek.

Dominic is described as a priest who needs to “sort his head out”, so he’s sent to Manchester on a sabbatical.

Also newly cast is Kari Corbett who will play the role of Ruby Maguire…

Speaking to the Sun, a show insider said of Stephen, “Stephen is going to be an awesome character — he is a brilliant actor.

“His first entrance is totally nude and hungover and he can’t remember if he slept with one or two girls the previous night. It is going to ruffle a few feathers.”

And of Angeline’s character Gloria, who’s a hairdresser, the insider added, “They look out for each other but they can drive each other mad at the same time.”

It’s also been revealed that in the new series, Jack Deam returns as Tourette’s sufferer Marty, who is set to get Kelly (Sally Carman) pregnant!

Here’s the official synopsis for the first episode of series nine…

Welcome back to the not so green and pleasant pasture that is the rebooted Chatsworth Estate. Post banking crisis, mid-recession, and abandoned by Council and Government alike; this is the Rise of the Underbelly – this is Shameless seceding from Society. You are now entering Free Chatsworth.

Arriving on Channel 4 in 2012, some sexy new characters are found living in the close-knit community: feisty siblings Gloria and Dominic Meak. She’s a hairdresser working out of her front room on the Chatsworth and he’s a very lapsed Catholic priest on ‘sabbatical’ – they cause moral mayhem as well as bringing their own pretty damaged past to the estate.

Then there’s 21-year-old Ruby Hepburn – a post-lads’ mag ball of trouble, a Maguire niece and a fiery Celt, joining the Maguire household. Not to mention the smiling face of Frank’s new running mate Terry, a little terrapin, who lives in his pocket.

The series starts with a multi agency swoop on the estate, when ruthless project consultant Carmen Kenaway and her toxic side kick Feeney hit on the estate, embarking on a long-term strategy to make the Chatsworth an urban wasteland.

The Gallaghers (and half the estate) are evicted from their homes. But the Chatsworthians continue to be comrades-in-arms, socially irresponsible and outrageous in their everyday roller coaster lives.

I cannot wait!

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