New EastEnders actor, Khali Best, says “Walford is a new start” for his character, Dexter Hartman!

by Anna Howell

We reported a few months ago that with the arrival of Ava Hartman in EastEnders would follow her son, Dexter, and now that is about to happen, Khali Best, the actor who plays him has revealed that his character is delighted to be relocating to Walford permanently.

Fans of the award-winning soap will know how Tanya (Jo Joyner) tracked down her half-sister last year after discovering that her mother lied about her death. Ava (Clare Perkins), though somewhat reluctant at first seems to be warming to her long lost family, but is left not best pleased when her son Dexter, who she hasn’t told the Branning’s about, takes it upon himself to pay Albert Square a visit.

However, both Ava and Dexter end up making the decision to move to Walford permanently when Ava gets a new job in the area, and Dexter is very happy with his new home in deed!

Speaking to All About Soap Khali Best, who plays Dexter, explained: “Dexter’s pleased when Ava tells him she’s got a job interview in Walford. He’s looking forward to moving there, because it’s a new start for him. Dexter hasn’t had the easiest of times, but he’s coming out on top now.”

Things look to be on the up for Dexter when he is offered a job in the Arches by Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) and finds a new BFF in Jay Mitchell (Jamie Borthwick).

Ava joined the cast back in November, and Dexter’s first scenes are due to air this Monday and EastEnders executive producer Lorraine Newman has said that she intends to set Ava and Dexter up “as a unit of their own” in the coming weeks.

Speaking on the official EastEnders website, Newman confirmed: “Both Ava and Dexter will be involved in a big story with Bianca [in 2013], which will help to introduce them both more into the Square. Dexter will also start working as a mechanic in The Arches, and he and Jay will become very good friends.”

Watch Ava’s first EastEnders scenes in the clip below:

EastEnders airs Dexter’s first scenes on Monday, January 7.