New Girl Season 2 Winston’s Birthday Spoilers: Things get awkward when Jess’ dad turns up and the guys forget Winston’s birthday

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On next week’s episode of New Girl, Winston turns up for his surprise birthday party, that hasn’t actually been planned and Jess’ dad turns up, but it isn’t the most fun visit.

Next week is Winston’s birthday, but the only surprise he’s having is that his friends have forgotten about his birthday. He turns up for his “surprise party” at Cece’s apartment to find a half-asleep Cece, but, is it as plain as it seems? Would Jess, Nick and Schmidt really forget his birthday?


Meanwhile, Jess’ dad is in town and it’s a less than fun visit as he chooses to visit on one of the worst days possible. Jess makes a comparison between Nick and her father, to which she can see her father every time Nick does something, to which she exclaims: “I can’t date my dad!”.

However, things are a tad awkward for the pair anyway as the last three episodes run across three consecutive days with the lead-up to Cece’s big day. At the end of this week’s episode, Nick and Jess slept together, making things that much more awkward when Jess’ dad is around.


Jess gets another surprise when she gets a call from her former boss, Tana. She offers Jess a teaching job at her new school, which Jess accepts almost immediately. However, her over-the-moon mood quickly subsides when Tanya gets her to sub a rowdy class. With Jess juggling her and Nick, Cece’s wedding and Winston’s birthday, will she be able to pull it off?


Also Schmidt finds himself a date (ahem, a plus one I should say) to Cece’s wedding in the form of Elizabeth. But, will he be embarrassed by Elizabeth when he is around hotter women? Cece also accidentally hennaed her face… will it be Winston to the rescue?

Bob Reiner guest stars as Jess’ dad and Mary Lynn Rajskub also stars.

Winston’s Birthday episode airs May 7th at 9pm ET on FOX.

Take a look at the promo, below:

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