New Girl season 3 spoilers: Nick & Jess’ relationship isn’t going well, Schmidt has women problems and Winston loses his mind

by Nick Barnes


A brand new featurette video for the forthcoming third season of New Girl has been released ahead of the premiere episode on Tuesday! Yes, New Girl is back on Tuesday!!

The video features the cast members talking about what we can expect from the third season, along with some clips that we haven’t seen before.

It’s safe to say that Schmidt is going to have a hard time choosing between Cece and Elizabeth, Winston goes bonkers and gets unusually engaged with puzzles. He goes that crazy he begins to put almonds in place of the puzzle pieces. And well… Nick and Jess’ relationship isn’t as smooth as it should be – but when does Nick EVER do smooth?

Zooey Deschanel who plays the role of Jess says: “We left off in season two right after Cece’s failed wedding and we pick up in season three right where we left off as Nick and I are driving away. They run off to Mexico.


“Nick and Jess are both sort of immature so they haven’t figured out how to be in a mature relationship and I think that’s part of what makes them good as a comic pairing, so it’s super fun”.

Jake Johnson who plays Nick adds: “In the first episode back of season three, Nick is with Jess and you think everything is going to go great… but it isn’t!

“Nick screws it up! The first chance he finally gets to be with a girl, he does everything wrong – he gets arrested and just really blows it.”

Speaking about Cece and Schmidt’s on-off, on-off, on-off and on again relationship in the third season, Hannah Simone who plays Cece says that Schmidt has a lot to think about and he can’t decide who to choose between – Cece or Elizbeth.


Simone says: “Schmidt is kind of juggling his relationship with Cece and Elizabeth. You think that they’re finally going to be able to have a relationship. Smooth sailing… but Schmidt, as he’s prone to do, screws it up”.

Max Greenfield who plays the role of Schmidt iterates that he can’t reveal who he is going to choose, but he can tell us that he just can’t pick between them – Oh oh… we’ll tell you who to choose!

Finally, Winston goes a little off the rails in the third season and completely loses the plot.


Lamorne Morris who plays Winston says: “Winston is kind of warming up to the fact that Nick and Jess are in a relationship. Schmidt is not… Schmidt hates it!

“Schmidt’s kind of battling these demons of Elizabeth or Cece and Winston’s unusually engaged in puzzles. Winston is losing his mind a little bit”.

New Girl returns to FOX on Tuesday, 17 September!

Are you looking forward to New Girl returning? Do you think Nick and Jess are the right pairing? And, who do you think Schmidt should choose – Cece or Elizabeth? Let us know in the comments, below!

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