New Girl: Zooey Deschanel talks Season 3 and dating ‘Nick’

by Martin


New Girl is already heading into it’s third season and it’s been a roller coaster since day one.

The hit Fox show which stars Zooey Deschanel (Jess), Hannah Simone (Cece), Jake Johnson (Nick), Max Greenfield (Schmidt) and Lamorne Morris (Winston) is due to return on the 17th of September in the US.

New Girl follows Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Jess’ best friend Cece as they deal with the ups and downs of relationships – sometimes with each other.

The show began with Jess breaking up with her boyfriend after he cheated on her. She left and had to find somewhere to live – enter the guys in the loft.


Star of the show Zooey Deschanel spoke recently to CraveOnline about the next season, dating Nick in the show and more.

When asked if she was happy with how the scenes with Jess and Nick dating went Deschanel said: “Yeah, when Nick and Jess got together is where I really felt this season last year just gel. It’s like the season came together when they got together.”

“For a while it felt we were in a little bit of a holding pattern where they were keeping us apart purposefully. Then when they put us together, it was like all the possibilities sort of were laid out before us and we could do so many different things.”

She added “Once you put them together, you can pull them apart, you can twist them around, throw ‘em up in the air, do so many different things.”


CraveOnline then asked  Zooey if during the scene in the ‘First Date’ episode of Season 2 where Nick and Jess have to jaywalk to cross the street, if they had to come up with different ways to illegally cross the road: “[Laughs] That’s interesting. No. It happened at different spots. Once in front of the car, once in back of the car….”

“It was interesting because the gentleman who played the cop, he’s a great guy. He’s actually a writer on “Conan.” It was written like a very angry cop and he came, he was so nice, he had the greatest energy and they were like, “Why don’t we play one where he’s really nice?”” she said.

“He did it so funny, sometimes an episode is really built around the things that happen in the moment. There was an example of a performance totally sort of changing the tack.”


Zooey was then asked about how she feels Jess has changed throughout the first two seasons and if that has an impact going into the third season: “I think she changes, or she evolves really. She started out very vulnerable and a little bit of an oddball. I think she got a lot stronger and a lot more tough I think in the second season.”

“I really like that quality they brought out of her. I think different qualities are brought out in the different characters based on the situations they’re in. It’s fun to evolve with the character.”

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The third season of New Girl will return on the 17th of September in the US on Fox.

If you haven’t seen the show before then watch this classic clip below.