New ITV Titanic drama to show the boat sinking four times!

Julian Fellowes, writer of the hugely popular Dowton Abbey, has revealed that he’s penned a new ITV drama which depicts that doomed Titanic sinking no less than FOUR times!

The Daily Mirror reports that, “Emotional scenes showing the liner going down on her maiden voyage will appear in each of the four hour-long instalments – seen from the perspectives of different characters.”

Speaking to the paper about the new approach to documenting the events of the ship’s loss, Fellowes said he and the film’s producer, Nigel Stafford-Clark, wanted a “fresh approach” to telling the epic tale.

He said, “We sink it up to the last lifeboat every week and then only in the fourth one do we complete the story and the audience will find out who lives and who dies.

“We wanted to tell the story of the whole ship. Titanic was a love story, A Night to Remember was all about the officers and the various mini-series have mostly concentrated on the elegant first class passengers or those down in the hold.
“We have stories in every part of the ship. One of our main stories is in second class, which is normally not even touched on.

“The idea is that, when you watch it, you will have a real sense of the life on board this ship just before it hit the iceberg.”

The new version will feature both fictional and real-life characters, with the cast of 89 actors being lead by Linus Roache, who is of course Corrie’s William Roache’s son.

In Titanic, he plays the Earl of Manton, alongside Geraldine Somerville as his wife.

ITV bosses are planning to make the drama into a “TV event”, screening the four installments on consecutive nights leading up to the actual centenary on Sunday April 14 2012.

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