New promo clip for season six of ‘Modern Family’ teases an emergency situation

by Martin
Modern Family cast
Cam & Mitch (© ABC / Modern Family)

Cam & Mitch (© ABC / Modern Family)

Emmy-winning comedy ‘Modern Family’ is set to return to our screens for its sixth season this Wednesday, 24th of September at 9/8c on ABC.

We’ve already seen a poster featuring the cast around a betting table, could they betting on another award-winning season? We also now have a promotional clip to tease the shows return.

Slightly later than we had expected, ABC have released the first promo for season six of ‘Modern Family’ and it teases an emergency situation in the Dunphy household.

The clip shows Phil using a fire extinguisher in their kitchen but as with everything in family life, nothing really goes to plan – who was trying to cook and what were they trying to cook?

For newlyweds Cam and Mitch it seems like the honeymoon phase is well and truly over as Mitch is back to being his unhappy self throwing flowers out and getting rid of bubbles from their bath.

As for Jay and the constantly yelling Gloria they have their own issues this time to do with physical appearance as Jay now sports over-sized glasses.

He’s left feeling very shocked as Gloria, who is always looking her best decides to go out looking all messy and disheveled – is she making a point?

Gloria & Jay (© ABC / Modern Family)

Gloria & Jay (© ABC / Modern Family)

The first episode of the new series is titled ‘The Long Honeymoon’ which sounds like it could be focused on a bad experience for newlyweds Cam and Mitch who just got married.

ABC shared the official synopsis for the episode which states that for the Dunphy household their summer “has been exceptionally blissful’ with Alex being away on a trip.

‘Modern Family’ recently cast Steve Zahn as recurring character Ronnie who is the husband of an incredibly annoying family that moves into the house next door to the Dunphys.

Check out the first promo clip for the new season below and let us know what you think. Are you ready to see what the three families are getting up to now? We are!