New thriller ‘The Fuse’ coming to BBC One

The Fuse is an original five part drama written by Bill Gallagher for BBC One.

A politician wakes up after an alcohol fuelled night and realises that he might be responsible for a murder. A dramatic act of redemption buys him public adoration, but how long can he hide from the truth?

Filmed and set in Manchester, the drama follows Daniel Demoys, a stranger in his own life. Over the years he has gone from being an idealistic young man with a burning desire to make the world a better place, to a disillusioned and corrupt council official. His alcoholism has driven a wedge between him and his wife, Alex, and their three children.

After saving a young man from being shot, public opinion of him as a straight-talking everyday hero couldn’t be higher. So much so that the council official has become a candidate in the race to become Manchester’s mayor. The public are enthralled by his no nonsense determination not to treat the electorate like fools and by his openness about his personal problems and struggle with addiction.

But Daniel Demoys has killed a man and as his public star rises ever higher and he tries to repair the damage done to his private life, Daniel is painfully aware that it could all come crashing down at any moment.

Bill Gallagher, writer and executive producer, says: “I liked the idea of starting a story with a man who finds himself in a self-induced hell, and following him as he tries to make amends for the harm he has done. He happens to be a politician, so he has a chance to pay for his sins in his community.”

Nicola Shindler, executive producer, Red Production Company, says: “I am extremely excited to be working on another Bill Gallagher script. He has written an incredibly compelling, morally complex thriller with a very recognisable family at its core. We are going to make an accessible, very honest and stylish drama for BBC One.”