The Newsroom season 3 premiere spoilers: Boss talks ‘The Final Episodes’

by Martin
Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy in 'The Newsroom' (© HBO)

Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy in ‘The Newsroom’ (© HBO)

Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’ returns tonight in the US on HBO for its third and final season, much to the dismay of the fans who enjoy the show.

If you’re in the UK, you don’t have much longer to wait though as the final episodes will air on Sky Atlantic beginning this Wednesday (12th November) at 10pm.

As we’ve said, the third season contains ‘The Final Episodes’ of the Jeff Daniels fronted show, and that leaves us feeling quite sad, especially considering that the season only has six episodes.

We’ve already had the opportunity to see the first three episodes, and we’ve previewed episode one ahead of tonight but meanwhile, executive producer Alan Poul has spoken in a new interview about why these are the final episodes, and he also discussed the season premiere.

The News Night team face more challenges than ever in season three! (© HBO)

The News Night team face more challenges than ever in season three! (© HBO)

Speaking with Poul explained: “Aaron [the show’s creator] was not willing to go back unless he felt he could top what we’d done in Season two.

“It was simply about taking a break, and then looking at what story was left to mine that could bring the show to a satisfying conclusion.”

In episode one, which airs tonight, the real life news story the ACN team follow is the Boston marathon bombing, and of course, social media – as it does these days – played a huge part in that particular story.

“There was great confusion, suspects were misidentified, innocent people were harassed as a result of being misidentified by both the press and on social media,” Alan explained.

Dev Patel as Neal in The Newsroom (© HBO)

Dev Patel as Neal in The Newsroom (© HBO)

He added that because of that, law enforcement agencies were forced to reveal information that they weren’t ready to share because innocent lives had to be protected.

Poul remarked: “That entire incident became a flash point of the idea that crowd-sourcing was not necessarily a good idea for investigative journalism.”

Other stories that feature tonight include that of the company ratings putting them into fourth place, the company almost being bought out, and Neal (Dev Patel) receiving some government documents that shake the core of the newsroom.

To read the interview with in full then head over to their site but be warned, there are some spoilers from the premiere episode which as mentioned above, airs tonight at 9pm on HBO.