Next Week’s TV Highlights: Five of the Best – Homeland, The Oscars, The Indian Doctor, Glee and Disco Night

by Lisa McGarry

Homeland (Sun, C4, 9pm)

I hope you all watched the debut of this excellent Golden Globes winning drama last Sunday night, for those of you who didn’t it’s available on 4OD, but this week’s upcoming episode promises to be as entertaining. Giving as little away as possible this week the government want to present Brody as a military hero following his eight years missing in action. However Brody is still having flashbacks which are meant to make us the audience question his motives and obviously with Claire Danes’ Carrie still on his tale he has to be extra careful. After last week’s establishing episode this week’s allows the writers to give more backstory to the characters and gives us even more clues to who can be trusted. As was evident in episode one both Danes and Damian Lewis are excellent in their roles as the on-the-edge agent and the returning hero while the story has plenty of twists and turns to keep us all hooked.

The 84th Academy Awards (Sun/Mon, Various Channels 10:30pm onwards)

It’s not for everyone but over the last ten years of Oscar ceremonies I have stayed up for an impressive seven of them. It is hard slog to try and stay up till five in the morning but if you a fan of celebrity or films then usually you make the effort. The fun kicks off on E! (Sky Channel 151) on Sunday night at 10:30pm with their always entertaining red carpet footage with the Brits joining them on the red carpet from 11:30 on Sky Living (Channel 107). The awards proper kick off at 1:30am on Sky Movies Premiere and should be good this year as they are hosted by the effervescent Billy Crystal who always knows how these things should be done and certainly will be better than the dull James Franco and Anne Hathway from last year. For those of you who either don’t want to stay up or have work the next morning Sky Living are showing highlights on Monday from 10:00pm. As we all know it will probably be the year that The Artist that sweeps the board with Meryl Streep and Christopher Plummer inevitably picking up acting gongs but there may be a few surprises along the way and I certainly will be watching.

The Indian Doctor (All Week, BBC1, 2:15pm)

As of last Sunday there is a Call the Midwife sized hole in the schedules for the nine million people who were hooked over its six week run. The programme that might be able to fill the gap is The Indian Doctor because like CTM it is a period piece based around the medical profession which stars plenty of familiar face and has that small community feel. The only problem is that it is on at daytime but in a world of Sky Plus and the IPlayer that’s not a problem for most people any more. Starring Sanjeev Bhaskar as Doctor Sharma a medical man who travelled from India to a small Welsh mining town in 1964 a time where other cultures were still a mystery to some. In the start of this second series Sharma has to welcome his mother-in-law to his home as well as dealing with a new vicar played by the brilliant Mark Heap. The Indian Doctor is a warm and cosy drama with an old-school sensibility with a great cast which deserves more than the daytime slot that it has been given.

Glee (Thurs, Sky One, 9pm)

Though there has been a slip in quality in this cultural juggernaut since the start of season three I’m aware there are plenty of Gleeks still out there who are mega-excited that their favourite show is back on Sky One. It seemed that the channel were annoyed with the stop-start scheduling of the programme in the States so made the decision to wait until there was enough episodes to air. In this episode the focus is on Emma and Will as both try to propose to each other throughout with differing results. In terms of the kids this is Sam and Mercedes’ episode as they recount their summer romance in an obvious nod to Grease so much so that they decide to sing Summer Nights. But for me Glee’s supporting characters are always the most interesting and this time it’s Sue’s diminutive assistant who gets her time to shine as he we hear her inner monologue voiced by Helen Mirren. As always it is the songs that are the star and a Glee-style blend of old and new means we see such hits as Moves Like Jagger and The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face sung as ever with exuberance. Whatever you think of it Glee is still a massive hit and I’m sure a lot of you will be tuning in on Thursday night.

Disco Night (Fri, BBC4, From 9pm)

More singing and dancing but this time in a slightly more serious manner as BBC4 celebrates its tenth anniversary with a night of programmes dedicated to disco music. Personally I think BBC4’s music documentaries are brilliant and The Joy of Disco will probably be no different when it kicks off this celebration. As well as looking at the brilliant tunes it also explores how disco music was prevalent in the both the gay and black scenes in the 1960s and 1970s and also gave fame to a lot of female vocalists. At 10pm it’s all about the music with an hour long collection of performances dug from the BBC archives from artist including Rose Royce, Gladys Knight, Labelle and obviously The Village People. Finally 11pm sees Graham Norton present his own tribute to the ladies of disco including Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer and Chaka Khan. A combination of great documentaries and tunes we all like dance to I suggest buying a glitter ball, hanging it on your ceiling and dancing round your living room to celebrate BBC4’s birthday in style.
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