Nick Knowles’s Perfection returns for new series, and you can be in the audience!

Hosted by Nick Knowles – PERFECTION is a daily quiz show that offers contestants the chance to win a cash prize by answering a series of True or False statements correctly. Will they be able to hold their nerve and win the jackpot?

Four players, referred to by the host as the “Usual Suspects”, compete, with  one contestant chosen at random from the four to compete in the main game on stage, while the other three play against the contestant from their soundproof booth.

In each of the three initial rounds of the game, Knowles starts by turning off the booth, so the Usual Suspects can not hear nor see anything happening on stage. The contestant is then given four true-or-false statements to answer in 45 seconds. Once all four answers have been locked in, the booth is turned back on so the Usual Suspects can see the contestant’s answers.

The contestant with the most points then plays the Final for a rolling jackpot that starts at £1,000 and rises by an additional £1,000 for each game not claimed. In order, the true/false questions behind the six categories are revealed.

We are offering you the chance to get free priority tickets to be part of the audience of this fun family quiz show for its Glasgow recordings.

To book for the show please visit here quoting promo code PERF006 for PRIORITY TICKETS.  Spaces are filling up fast, so make sure if you want to go to book soon, and by using this code you are guaranteed priority booking , meaning you don’t have to wait in line for first come first serve.


Wednesday 4th July @ 10.15am

Thursday 5th July @ 10.15am

Friday 6th July @ 10.15am

Monday 9th July @ 10.15am
Monday 9th July @ 1.30pm
Monday 9th July @ 4.00pm

Tuesday 10th July @ 10.15am
Tuesday 10th July @ 1.30pm
Tuesday 10th July @ 4.00pm

Wednesday 11th July @ 10.15am
Wednesday 11th July @ 1.30pm
Wednesday 11th July @ 4.00pm



Getting there: Cessnock (Tube) / Exhibition Centre (Train)

Click here for detailed directions

Age restriction: Due to the nature of the programme under-13’s will not be admitted into the studio.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by at least one adult in the party.

Watch a clip from series two of Perfection below: