Nicola Stapleton: “I wont rule out an EastEnders return”

Recent Walford escapee, Nicola Stapleton, has revealed that she wouldn’t rule out a return to EastEnders!

Stapleton, who played Mandy Salter in the BBC soap, left our screens this week after she left her fiancée, Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) on the day of their wedding, after a brief spell back in the soap that she originally starred in the 90’s.

Speaking on ITV chat show, Loose Women, Stapleton, who viewers saw for the last time on Friday’s episode of EastEnders after being caught using her missing ex’s credit card,  revealed how she was thrilled with Mandy’s exit storyline.

Stapleton commented: “I don’t want to play someone who’s normal and boring – I want somebody who’s feisty and spicy. I love Mandy. She’s got layers, I think – she’s deep and she’s troubled.

“It’s been really nice, actually, with the last few storylines that I had  with Vicky Alcock who played my mum.It’s fine to put a character on telly and say, ‘Oh, what a horrible person’, but it’s nice to explain why people might be like that. I think they tackled those storylines really well.”

Ironically, when Stapleton first appeared in EastEnders from 1992-94, her mother was played by current cast member Linda Henry, who plays Shirley Carter now!

Stapleton continued: “It’s been a nice journey with her this time round, because it’s been a lot more explanatory. As I say, it’s had a lot more layers so I’ve really enjoyed it.”

The question on everyones lips was whether she would return and reprise the role should the opportunity arise, to which Stapleton replied: “It’s always open, so you never know – never say never. I never said last time that I would never go back. I enjoyed it so much more than I really thought I was going to. It was lovely meeting the new people and cast that I hadn’t worked with before.”

Stapleton discussed how she had spent her time since leaving the soap concentrating on her screenwriting career, saying: “I’ve got quite a lot on at the moment. I’m back to writing – I started writing a sitcom before I started EastEnders this time round. I’m four episodes in – myself and my fellow writing partner Mel. So I’ve got two episodes to finish and then hopefully we’ll get it made next year.

“I like to keep busy. Obviously I’ve been an actress for a long time, and I kind of feel like I’ve fulfilled most of my ambitions – like I wanted to do a play at the Royal Court and I’ve done that. I think you always have to challenge yourself and have goals.”

Watch a clip of Nicola playing Mandy in the 90’s with her on-screen partner, the now Hollywood famous Sean Maguire, below:

EastEnders can be seen Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings on BBC One/BBC One HD.