Nigel Havers and Sian Reeves star in Lunch Monkeys


Kenny loves Tania, Tania loves solicitor Charlie, Charlie “loves” anyone, Darrel loves Shelley, Shelley has a boyfriend, Swanny. Asif fancies Lee Ann, Lee Ann fancies Charlie – and then there’s Mike and Gloria…..

Welcome to the world of Lunch Monkeys, a new six-part comedy series for BBC Three starring Nigel Havers (Brothers And Sisters) and Sian Reeves (Hope Springs, Cutting It and Northern Lights) with Steve John Shepherd (This Life) alongside a cast of new young talent.

The administration department of personal injury law firm of Fox Cranford is a gathering place for school-leavers, no-hopers and general misfits – and if they monkey around till lunch, its guerrilla warfare in the office till dinner.

Straight out of school, and into a job they don’t want, Darrel, Kenny, Asif, Shelley and Tania are going nowhere fast. Looked down on by the solicitors they work for, they face constant criticism by their power hungry supervisor Gloria Stevens.

Bored senseless for eight hours a day, the post room gang fill their time fighting, flirting, winding each other up and generally causing mayhem whilst dodging disciplinary action and the occasional irate client.

Not to mention the office sleepover, mistaken identity, ghosts, tramps and a serious case of fatal attraction!

In his first role for BBC Three, Nigel Havers plays solicitor Mike Cranford who, to Gloria (Sian Reeves), is the glamour and power of the law courts personified.

As Gloria strives to be recognised and rewarded for her role in the company she is continually let down by her team of teenage wasters… and through her own lack of professionalism.

Hotshot solicitor Charlie (Steve John Shepherd) is Tania’s misguided romantic interest and lovelorn Kenny’s nemesis.