Nikita creator on series finale: “I wanted a happy ending”

by Nick Barnes
Nikita The CW

Nikita The CW

The CW’s Nikita came to an end on Friday evening on the network and since then, series creator Craig Silverstein has weighed in on the final episode.

Speaking to TV Guide, Silverstein admitted that he knew he “wanted a happy ending”, which is what we all got from the series finale.

He went on to say that Nikita going rogue again was an idea the writers and execs decided on “close to the end’ as they discussed whether Nikita should give “into her dark side” and the only way for that to happen was to have Ryan die.

Speaking about the death of Ryan, Silverstein continued that “his death was incredibly powerful” as he wasn’t a trained assassin like the rest of them so it was “terrific” to shoot.

One person that did stay alive was Amanda and the decision behind that was that it may have been satisfying for her to be killed “in the moment, and then not so much afterwards”.

He continued: “Amanda was never – even if she was physically capable – she wasn’t a real physical threat that needed to be physically destroyed. It was much more interesting to beat her on her own terms, which was through deception and wit”.

Nikita The CW

When asked if anyone, including Amanda, ever thought of making a Nikita double, he explained: “Oh, sure. You’ve got to believe that we talked about that in the writers’ room. We talked about that or making a Michael double. There was not enough time. I’m sure we’re going to have people say the doubles idea is cheesy in and of itself, but it really would have been if we had pushed a Nikita double thing, but we definitely came up with scenarios for it”.

Moving on to what he thought his favourite scenes have been over the years, he said: “The moments that I remember the most were the moments that surprised me, like Birkhoff getting his hand hammered by Amanda… Also, I really loved in the seventh episode of the second season where Nikita ascends the building to get at the Wall Street guy who she thought killed Ryan… And then I had always loved the moment from the 11th episode in the first season, ‘All the Way’ where Nikita was trapped in Division, hanging by chains”.

Next up for Silverstein is AMC’s Turn which is set in the world of spies. “[It’s] based on a true story never told until now about America’s first spy network under the direct supervision of George Washington. It’s an extremely exciting and exotic time that we all think we know, but we actually really don’t,” he explained.

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