Nina Wadia (Zainab Masood) wants more humour for the Masood family

by Anna Howell

When the Massod family first moved to Walford they lifted some of the grey skies which had set up permanent residence over Albert Square with their humorous and quirky day-to-day life, but since the reign of Doctor Evil they seem to have redecorated their personalities to match the grey surrounding them, and Nina Wadia, who plays Zainab Masood in Eastenders,  now wants the comedy injected back into her alter ego’s life.

Wadia, who has played the bossy, opinionated Masood matriarch since 2007, has admitted that she wants show producers to bring back some of the humourous acting her family enjoyed when they first appeared on our screens, after what has been a very dark few years for the clan.

Whilst admirably tackling very sensitive issues, such as gay relations in the Muslim community and domestic violence, Wadia told This Morning yesterday that: “It wasn’t pleasant. I did a bit of research talking to a lot of women who’d been through quite abusive relationships. Their stories alone upset me, and then to actually play it – Ace is quite realistic in his portrayal of things, so I took away quite a few real bruises!”

When presented with the question of whether their will be happier times in store for her character, she replied: “I don’t think she can get any worse! Yes, I am – I miss all of the Masood humour. I’m so glad that Christian and Zainab have sorted their problems out – I’m getting less abuse on the street because of that!  And I love working with Di [Parish] with the Denise-Zainab relationship. I look forward to when scenes with those two are written in – she’s just a gem to work with.”

Viewers were given a glimpse of the famous Masood humour last week when Zainab’s (ex) husband, Masood (Nitin Ganatra) took a hammer to Tiffany Butcher’s calculator in an attempt to giver her private maths tuition, before falling asleep after being tricked into babysitting the entire Butcher kids whilst mum, Bianca (Patsy palmer) went clubbing.

Nina Wadia has received a nomination for ‘Best Actress’ at this year’s British Soap Awards, which take place in London on Saturday (April 28).

To watch Nina Wadia’s comical set tour of EastEnders after last years award nomination, watch the clip below:

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