Noel’s Christmas Presents Returns To Sky One

Noel EdmondsThis December sees the return of a Christmas TV institution to Sky One and Sky One HD, as some of the nation’s most deserving, hard-working and selfless individuals are rewarded with a Christmas present they’ll never forget.

Noel Edmonds will be surprising people across the country with money can’t buy treats and trips that they’ve always wanted and longed for, but have been just out of their grasp. But the fun doesn’t stop there, as Noel follows each experience through, seeing to it that each of our specially chosen recipients has the time of their lives.

The stories start with a surprise hatched for a local community legend with Down’s Syndrome, who has spent his life raising money for charities and supporting people he sees as less fortunate than himself. An avid Deal or No Deal and WWE Wrestling fan, we’ll be taking him closer to both than ever before, as he meets Noel in the Deal or No Deal studio before jetting off to LA to play a special part in a huge live wrestling event.

A mother of two, who has spent her life struggling with a hearing disability and has recently learnt she is losing her fight against cancer, will be given the chance to give her young kids the Christmas of their dreams, as we take the family to Disneyland in LA for an unforgettable VIP experience.

A nine year-old girl who looks after both her disabled parents, runs the house and acts as an invaluable line of communication for both who are hard of hearing, will be joined by her friends and Noel for a special theme park treat. While she gets the chance to leave her responsibilities at home for the day, we’ll also be giving her bedroom a tailor-made Harry Potter makeover as a special reward for the incredible job she does of caring for her parents.

A trip to Lapland is in store for a group of 50 mums and their kids, who have the shared experience of losing loved ones in the forces to accidents and ongoing conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. While each of these families continue to come to terms with their tragic loss, this trip to the wintery heartland of Christmas will hopefully provide some warmth for children missing their fathers, at a difficult time of year.

One of the country’s most devoted and longest serving Santas has Christmas delivered to him, as due to poor health, for the first time in 37 years he’s unable to play Father Christmas for the local children’s hospital, a role which means so much to him. To add to the occasion, the cast of the West End hit musical, The Lion King, will be leaving the stage for the first time and coming to the hospital to give everyone at the party a one-off private performance.

And finally, a selfless ten year-old boy whose caring and sympathetic attitude to his younger brother who suffers from a rare brain disorder making his behaviour hard for all the family to cope with, will get the chance to meet his favourite Premiership stars as well as taking a special Christmas holiday abroad.

This collection of touching stories will all be brought together at Bristol Old Vic theatre where, joined by a live audience, Noel Edmonds, will retell each of these special experiences and talk to the recipients about their lives and what being a part of this show has meant to them. There’ll also be some other surprises in store throughout the 90 minute special, as Noel Edmonds reunites families who have been separated for far too long, with his affectionate brand of heart-warming story telling.

For a return to classic family feel-good television this Christmas, don’t miss Noel’s Christmas Presents, exclusively on Sky One and Sky One HD.

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