Not to be missed: ‘Dara O Briain: School Of Hard Sums’ on Dave tonight!

Just last night a few gal pals and I were debating the merits of Dara O Briain. He’s certainly not the sexiest man in celebrity culture, but the majority of my friends have admitted that they definitely ‘would’ (if you know what I mean) because he’s just so damn funny!

Well tonight my pals will get the chance to salivate over the Irish star a whole two days early. No more will they have to wait to see the chubby comic on ‘The Apprentice: You’re Fired’ on Wednesday nights, because this evening Dara will be launching his own brand new TV show on Dave.

The new series, titled ‘Dara O Briain: School Of Hard Sums’ follows the Irish comedian, as he takes a journey into the realms of pure logic…

The unlikely comedian-come-brainbox who studied maths and theoretical physics at University College, Dublin – who knew? – is on a mission to use all his knowledge and intuition to solve some tasty real-world brainteasers and conundrums. But instead of guesswork, Dara’s enlisting maths, physics, chemistry and logic, to solve a variety of problems.

Want to know how best to save a drowning man? Dara works out the optimum angle to jump into the river and pull them to safety. Want to know where to position yourself on a dance-floor to potentially get the highest number of kisses? Dara finds a way. Want to find out the most slices you can get out of a pizza if you’re only allowed to cut it three times? Dara’s your pizza-peculiar man!

In each episode, Dara teams up with Oxford University maths professor Marcus du Sautoy and a variety of comedy guests including; Alex Horne, David O’Doherty and Jason Byrne, to dissect each puzzle and find out guaranteed ways to solve some serious quizzing complications!

So it’s funny and it makes you smarter! What’s not to love? Check out a fab little teaser for the show below….

Catch ‘Dara O Briain: School Of Hard Sums’ at 8PM on Dave tonight.