Obese: A Year To Save My Life coming to Sky 1

by Lisa McGarry

In a time when obesity is reaching epidemic proportions with one in four adults considered obese, Sky 1 HD is looking to tackle this issue head on, with a life-affirming, emotionally charged and upbeat series looking into the lives of nine morbidly obese Britons who have one goal – to shed excess body weight before it kills them.

Obese: A Year To Save My Life, is filmed over the course of a year, and follows the highs and lows of each character’s journey to reveal an intimate and compelling portrait of their lives as they struggle to follow a strictly orchestrated weight loss programme of diet and exercise. The show is not a quick fix solution and every aspect of their lives is put under the spotlight to try and understand how the contributors have come to be so obese.

Their dramatic weight loss will be under the guidance of mentor and weight loss expert Jessie Pavelka, who alongside a team of clinicians from the UK’s largest hospital, BMI Healthcare, will monitor their progress throughout the year.

Jessie Pavelka states: “The impact the show could have on the audience is huge and I hope people at home realise weight loss of this magnitude is a long term commitment not a quick fix. This show will educate our nine contributors about how to keep the weight off as well as give them their health back. British people are the fattest people in Europe, which is a real sign of our times. We want to get to the root of people’s weight gain and try and steer them clear of anything that might be holding them back from being happy.”

For the nine contributors, the paths that led them to obesity could not be more different. Peeling back the emotional layers to discover why – for some food is an addiction, others an emotional crutch and for some their fate is both a physical and emotive barrier to personal trauma. The show reveals how easy it is for anyone to go down this dangerous path and run the risk of an unhealthy lifestyle, and aims to educate not just the contributors but all those around them by highlighting these case studies in their yearlong journeys.

The journeys they take will uncover stories of compassion, of love, of sadness and humour, but mostly of determination to go the distance and change their lives.

Monday 2nd January 2012