Oh Dear, Graham Norton made Russell Brand’s mum cry, and Russ isn’t happy about it!

I am sure somewhere out there Andrew Sachs is rubbing his hands (if he is reading this), as what goes around really does come around it would seem, well for Russell Brand anyway.

The British comedian, who famously played pranks on Sachs with regards to his granddaughter with radio co-host Jonathan Ross, made Chat Show host, Graham Norton, incredibly uncomfortable when he used an appearance on his show, The Graham Norton Show, to have a go at the Irish cheeky chappy for making his mum cry!
According to the Sun Newspaper, Brand, who was on the show to promote his new film, Rock Of Ages, tackled Norton over his questioning which reduced his mother to tears when probed about Brand’s divorce from US pop-star, Katy Perry.

Norton felt that the subject of divorce had to be brought up, commenting that Brand had been “very dignified” over the split.

However Brand’s  mum Barbara, 65, was in the front row, and visibly upset by the subject, forcing the comedian and actor to turn on Norton.

He told him: “My mum is here, I was checking to see if my mum was all right.

“She got upset when you dragged up my marriage. I saw her cry, Graham.

“That’s why I was a little bit embarrassed when I saw my mum crying. You made my mum cry.

“I don’t see you as that sort of person, Graham.”

Norton replied: “I don’t see myself as that kind of person.” Russell replied: “And yet you are.”

Brand ranted angrily at the host, which was cut out of last nights show, whilst claiming to fellow guests  actress Emily Blunt and singer Paloma Faith:  “He upped the stakes and stabbed me in the back.”

Graham apologised, saying: “Well I am sorry. That should not have happened. I am genuinely sorry,” before getting down on his knees to beg forgiveness.

An insider told the paper: “The whole thing was really awkward. Russell was furious.”

Watch a Russell Brand interview regarding his divorce when he wasn’t quite so tetchy in the clip below: