Olly Murs confirms new album for 2014 and says it will be “more mature and cooler”

by Martin

Olly Murs

Olly Murs is one of the biggest success stories from the X Factor after he failed to win the show back in 2009 where he finished as the runner-up.

Since then however he’s gone on to release three Top 5 albums and ten Top 40 singles with four of them reaching Number 1 on the Official Singles Chart in the UK.

Olly has opened up though about his next album and has admitted that while each album has changed he wants that to continue and wants this new project to sound “more mature and cooler”.

Speaking with the Daily Star the ‘Troublemaker’ star confirmed that he will start the  follow-up to ‘Right Place Right Time’ in the first half of next year.

'The X Factor'  TV Programme, London, Britain. - 12 Dec 2009

Murs also hinted that Robbie Williams may be working alongside him for some songwriting sessions:

“I’ve changed musically with every album, so I don’t see why the next one can’t sound a bit more mature and cooler. Robbie’s songs are rockier than mine – I’m more funk, disco and reggae. But we both always try to change, and that’s the beauty of us songwriting together.”

The former X Factor star also added: “We could come up with anything – an uptempo song like ‘Troublemaker’, a swing song where it’s cheeky and fun or a big rock song like ‘Let Me Entertain You’. I could never stick to one genre, it’s boring.”

On the 25th of November (this past Monday) Olly released ‘Right Place Right Time: Special Edition’ which also contains his latest single ‘Hand on Heart’ which the video for can be seen below.


Olly Murs also spoke with Digital Spy about James Arthur and defended the X Factor winner: “To be fair to James he did comment and he made a very good statement saying, ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say it’.”

“But, look, he’s got a couple of weeks off I suppose to get himself back to scratch. He’s a talented lad, he’s got a great voice, great ability and hopefully he bounces back.”

Murs added: “There’s always artists out there that cause controversy… at the moment he’s going through a tough time.”

“I just think sometimes when your back’s against the wall you just say things and you probably don’t mean it. So I give him the benefit of the doubt.”