On tonight’s Jonathan Ross Show…Benedict Cumberbatch, Alan Carr & The Saturdays – Plus music from the Red Hot Chili Peppers

by Lisa McGarry

The Saturdays talk about buying the Royals an unusual wedding gift; Benedict Cumberbatch clears up Doctor Who rumours; and Alan Carr reveals why he’s found himself spending hours in Peckham!

Sexy pop sensation The Saturdays dish the dirt…

…Una reveals what it was like going to Zara Phillips and Mike’s Royal wedding and explains why she bought them a bin as a wedding gift!; and Rochelle admits she has a particularly sensitive sense of smell…
Una on going to Zara and Mike’s Royal wedding with her boyfriend Ben Foden, who plays rugby for England with Mike:

Una: “They were all there, the Queen, all the Royal family. It was such an incredible day. I was dying to meet Kate. I finally got to meet her towards the end of the day.

Jonathan: “What did you do for a gift? Do you take a present?”

Una: “We saw the list, so they obviously wanted it, and we bought them a top of the range Bin! Ben put a joke in saying ‘something to put Mike in when you’re finished with him.’”

On Rochelle’s remarkable sense of smell:
Jonathan: “One of you has a very advanced sense of smell?”

All: “Rochelle.”

Jonathan: “When did you discover you had an advanced sense of smell? How did you come upon this?”
Rochelle: “Well, I’ve kind of always had it. It’s actually a bit disgusting. It’s not a nice thing, it makes me feel a bit sick a lot of the time.”
Jonathan: “How so?”
Mollie: “With her smell she can pick up anything. If you’ve been eating something and you’re talking, she’ll be like, ‘have you been eating popcorn?’ But it went to the next extreme when we were on the tour bus and our tour manager let out a fart.“

Rochelle: “He let out a fart and I said ‘did someone have chicken korma,’ and Mark said, ‘I had a chicken Korma last night!’”

BAFTA nominated star of Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch, clears up rumours about playing Doctor Who (and fellow guests in the green room don traditional Sherlock Holmes attire in his honour! – pictures available)

Benedict on playing Doctor Who:
Jonathan: “Can we clear up a rumour here…

I read way back that you had been offered Doctor Who but you didn’t want it – then I read somewhere that you seemed to be leaving it open. And someone said ‘would you ever be in an episode of Doctor Who?’ and you said ‘I wouldn’t be in an episode’, which I think means you may be in more than one episode… So here’s the deal: would you want to do it?”

Benedict: “No. David (Tennant) is a friend of mine and he said ‘Go up for my old job’, and I said ‘I don’t think so’. They’re huge shoes to fill and I think I’m more similar to David than I am to Matt (current Doctor Who actor, Matt Smith).

Benedict: “One of the reasons the Doctor Who job is so hard is because you are on the flask, you are on the school lunch box, you have to sometimes go on the school bus as Doctor Who on promotional tours. I like to keep the work on the set!”

Charming chatty man, Alan Carr, talks about being offered every reality show under the sun, finding ‘Alan Time’ and reveals why he’s found himself spending time in Peckham…!

Alan on being asked to do Reality Shows:
Jonathan: “Do you get asked to do reality shows?”

Alan: “Every one… Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing on Ice… I got this one where they wanted me to learn to fly a plane and I fly all over the world. Yes this was a genuine offer from a production company that I would fly all over the world and speak to other homosexuals who have a pilot’s licence. Honest to god it was called ‘Up, Up and a Gay!’”

Jonathan: “They come up with a name and think ‘what show would fit that title?!’”

Alan on doing Who Do You Think You Are?:

Jonathan: “Did you have an inkling of what you would find or was it an open book?”

Alan: “When they asked about it I was like, ‘A free holiday, you know what I mean?’ So I said I’d do it!”

Jonathan: “Where did you end up?”

Alan: “Peckham!”

Alan on having time for himself and his new boyfriend:

Jonathan: “Do you have enough time for yourself? You have the show on Channel 4, do the stand up tour. Do you have Alan time? You have a lovely partner? I’ve met Paul? Do you have enough time together?”
Alan: “Not really, but he’s come at the right time for me.”