One Born Every Minute: Natalie, Kate & Rachel struggle as baby boom causes problems!

by Lisa McGarry

one born every minute

One Born Every Minute returns for the sixth episode of it’s current series tonight and it’s all go in the maternity department as usual.

In the Channel 4 show, viewers will discover that a baby boom which occurred nationwide last September has led the to the midwives at the Leeds General Infirmary being over run with patients, often to the point where their unit was too full to accommodate them all. When things get too busy, they resort to sending their patients to the nearby St. James’s Hospital and this process is also reversed, when St James gets backed up.

The rushing about and moving of mums means last minute birth plan changes fro many women in labour. First up is 21 year old Natalie who is having her second child with Shane 39. The couple first met while she was still at school and he gave her a lift in her taxi and Natalie reveals that although this is her first child with her partner, she previously gave birth when she was just 14 and all alone. She wants this experience to be totally different but the maternity unit at St. James’s is full so at the last minute she finds herself transferred across the city to the LGI.


Elsewhere, Kate has been booked in for a planned caesarian section and is feeling the nerves. Things aren’t helped as she and partner David are forced to wait for hours, as more and more emergency cases come in and make their way to theatre before her.

Lastly, Rachel is booked into give birth on LGI but gets moved to St. James’s when the maternity unit becomes full. It’s Rachel’s first baby but she’s separated from her Egyptian husband, so her mother will be the one holding her hand during labour.

Tonight, 9PM, Channel 4

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