One Direction: Movie director says they are not to blame for the state of music

by Martin


‘This Is Us’ – the One Direction movie which has just been released in cinemas across the UK.

The movie has came under fire from various critics but the movie’s director Morgan Spurlock has stood up for the band saying they’re not to blame for the state of music today.

The movie ‘This Is Us’ is already expected to do well in the box office with Directioners going crazy to see their favourite five on the big screen.

During an interview Morgan Spurlock (shown below), the director of ‘This Is Us’ defended the boy band and said they’re a great boyband and that it really isn’t anything to do with them that modern music is in the state it is currently in.


Spurlock explained that after working so closely with One Direction for the movie he actually grew to really enjoy their material.

“I’ve been to 35-plus One Direction concerts. You can’t go to 35 shows and not be a fan. Well, you could but it would be infinitely more difficult. I don’t think these guys are the murderers of music or the demons that have destroyed art. They didn’t kill the radio star.”

Spurlock also joked about how the movie only seems to show the band as a ‘squeaky clean’ version of their lives but said that they’re really not as wild as they’re made out to be.


“I think people would love for them to be naked and strung out and hanging from a flagpole, but it’s just not happening.”

‘One Direction: This Is Us’ was released in UK cinemas yesterday and with a budget of $10 million the movie has already earned $2.7 million in its Thursday debut.

A little fun fact from Forbes, 98% of online ticket purchases were from females (not really surprising) and the other 2% were for dads, boyfriends, young male fans and male film critics. Though we didn’t expect that to be such a big difference.

Watch the trailer for ‘One Direction: This Is Us’ below.