OneRepublic singer talks about writing for Adele and Beyoncé

by Martin


There aren’t many people out there who can say they’ve worked with the likes of Adele or Beyoncé but it’s something that Ryan Tedder of One Republic can say he has done.

The ‘Counting Stars’ hitmaker has explained how he approaches songwriting when it’s away from the band and for someone else.

Speaking with Ryan Seacrest the singer-songwriter revealed that he doesn’t find the process of writing for other stars too tricky.

Having previously worked with Adele and Beyoncé he confessed that he can switch mindsets from writing with the band to working with others.


He explained: “I literally go to a different part of my brain. When I’m writing for OneRepublic, it’s 100% personal and it’s me writing for us… and when I’m writing for someone else, it almost feels like a game.”

He also spoke about working with Adele and Beyoncé and explained that he tries to get into their head and write how they’d write.

“I’m trying to generally channel what it is they’re going through.” he explained. “Specifically Beyonce or Adele or whoever the artist is, I’m really trying to tap into their brain.”

OneRepublic have also spoken recently about their next single ‘Love Runs Out’ and how they hope it’ll be a bigger hit than ‘Counting Stars’ from 2013.

Speaking on Capital FM the hitmaker said: “We have a new single that’s not even on the album that’s about to drop. I can’t quote the date.”

OneRepublic 1

Tedder continued: “The very short back story on the song is that when we were working on ‘Native’, I originally thought this was going to be the first single.”

He also explained that the single has taken so long to be released because he couldn’t come up with a chorus that he liked.

Remember ‘Counting Stars’? Of course you do, why not check out this live performance of the track below and let us know what you think below.

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