Orange is the New Black spoilers! Netflix unveils three new promo pictures, but what is Piper doing?

Orange is the New Black season 2

Orange is the New Black season 2

Netflix has today dropped some new promo pictures ahead of the new season of Orange is the New Black, but there’s only three pictures in the set… mysterious!

Sooo, let’s look at these three brand new photos from Netflix. The first photo is the only one which shows Piper Chapman and it looks like she has blood all over her hands.

There isn’t much mystery involved in this one. Season one closed with Piper beating seven bells out of Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett, the weird angel lady who tried to attack our leading lady with a wooden stake. Teeth were flying and as the season finale drew to a close we were left wondering if the crazed religious nut would survive. From the look of this picture, Piper is wondering the exact same thing!

Orange is the new Black season 2

Moving on, the second photo isn’t quite as dark as it depicts some sort of job fair that is taking place. There’s seven characters in the line-up and there’s only one we’re looking at… Laverne Cox. The first six women in the ‘Mock Job Fair’ lineup are a little bland and then at the end, you get Cox shimmering in a black and red sequined dress. She’s determined to stand out, as usual, though we aren’t sure what sort of office job she hopes to get on the outside with a gown like that….it’s pretty snazzy!

Elsewhere, the last of the three pictures sees series regular Kate Mulgrew and Lorraine Toussaint. The latter of which is a new arrival on Orange is the New Black. Toussaint doesn’t look like the type of person you’d mess with and judging by the sassy eyes she’s giving Mulgrew, it looks like she has a little bit of rivalry on her hands.

Orange is the New Black season 2

We aren’t sure we’d go up against Red though. The former cook may have been on a downward spiral at the end of season one, but we doubt she’ll stay at the bottom for long. That scary Russian has plenty of tricks up her sleeve we’d guess and it would take a brave woman to get the better of her, especially if she wins back her job as Queen of the kitchen. If that happens, Toussaint’s alter ego could well die of starvation before she makes the end of the series.

Orange is the New Black isn’t set to return until June 6, in which the whole of season 2 will be made available on Netflix, much like House of Cards, but we expect more spoilers to make their way online soon!

If those three images don’t quench your thirst, here’s a new teaser: