Orphan Black: Felix & Sarah’s relationship will “come to a head” in season 2!

by Nick Barnes
Orphan Black

Orphan Black

During this week’s Television Critics Association winter tour, Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Garavis have give us a little preview of what to expect in the forthcoming second season.

One of the changes we will see is that Felix and Sarah’s relationship will not be the same any more as season two “establishes him outside the clones” and the pair’s relationship “will come to a head”.

Gavaris who plays the role of Felix Dawkins explained to the audience: “I think in season 1, Felix was very much an integral cog in the mystery and the conception of the story and Sarah’s journey. And I think what Season 2 helps to do is establish him outside the clones, establish him as a multifaceted human, and not just a plot device or not just someone who’s there to facilitate whatever Sarah’s crazy idea is that day”.

Moving into the pair’s relationship, we know that it is in for a rocky ride during season two as not only will it come to a head, there’s “a really tough decision” to be made as well.

orphan black

Gavaris explained: “[Felix] has kind of just gone along and been that person who picks up the phone at 3 in the morning, and I think it’s safe to say that the relationship with Sarah is going to come to a head. And there’s a really tough decision that’s gonna be made. There are many tough decisions that are going to be made”.

Co-creator of the show, Graeme Manson also added that the relationship between Sarah and Felix isn’t the only thing that’s set to change during season two as some risks are going to be taken with he premise of the second season.

Sarah went on to say that she’s had some trouble warming to some of her characters, as of course, the star plays multiple characters on the series.

She explained: “The one who scared me the most was Alison, when I was going the auditions and sort of approaching the characters for the first time. Because, for some reason I wasn’t willing to admit that she was so much a part of me.

“She’s kind of a scary thing to admit to being. She was a hard one to dig into or find the sympathy and empathy for initially, and now I love her. I found Rachel to be really daunting as well, because of her entitlement and her wealth and her quiet power. It terrified me”.

Season 2 of Orphan Black is set to premiere on April 19, 2014.