Orphan Black SPOILERS: Does Sarah survive the car crash? & Who caused it? We know…

Orphan Black: Daniel

Orphan Black: Sarah

On last Saturday’s episode of Orphan Black, viewers saw Sarah involved in quite a heavy car accident when a big orange truck ploughed into the side of the car the was in.

She was in the car with Daniel, who was posing as a private detective on last week’s episode. He’s linked with pro-clone, Rachel Duncan. However, it’s safe to say that one of them hasn’t survived, or at least we don’t think so for now, anyway…

On last week’s episode of the hit BBC America drama, Felix, Sarah, and Kira did a runner and ended up stopping in Cal’s log cabin. It turns out that Cal is a former flame of Sarah’s, and he’s even Sarah’s biological father.

Daniel turned up at the cabin and tried to take Kira, but she managed to get away. Cal then pointed a gun at Daniel, and Sarah virtually agreed to go with him to keep both Kira and Cal safe.

Orphan Black: Daniel

So, the last we saw of Kira, she as with her dad. Daniel told Sarah to get into the car and to keep driving until he said otherwise, but as Sarah took her eyes off the road to speak to (or rather shout at) Daniel, we saw a massive orange truck smash into the side of the car, and we feared the worst.

TV Line has got its hands on the first couple of minutes of tomorrow night’s fourth episode of the season, and it seems like one of them hasn’t survived… that person is Daniel.

As Sarah comes around from the accident, she’s obviously a little dazed, and we then see Cal come over to the car. She checks his pulse, and he seems to be dead.

The first thing on Sarah’s mind is where Kira is, but Cal reassures her that she’s fine. As Sarah takes Daniel’s gun, and also picks up the Project LEDA photograph that she got off her birth mother, she insists that no cops have to be involved. But, before she knows it, there’s a cop car coming down the street. How will they get out of this pickle?

“It’s too late,” Cal insists.

Orphan Black continues this Saturday, May 10 at 10/9c on BBC America!