Paul O’Grady – For the Love of Dogs Episode Five: Paul tries to cheer up Visu the Shih Tzu with his stand-up routine

by Matt D


In the latest instalment of For The Love of Dogs, Paul O’Grady meets eight-year-old Shih Tzu Visu, who is brought to Battersea by his owner who is too ill to look after him. Visu doesn’t adapt well to life at Battersea and won’t eat, sleep or mix with the other dogs.

Paul’s initial attempts to cheer up Visu are unsuccessful, so he sets about entertaining the dog with his stand-up routine, only to be snubbed one more. The fact that he can’t cheer Visu up weighs heavy on Paul’s mind and he quips that they should try to put the Shih Tzu on some doggy prozac.


Last series, Paul ended up adopting Eddie the puppy, but one year on the comedian has some concerns about his new dog’s nether regions. Battersea’s head vet Shaun explains that Eddie’s testicles haven’t dropped and concludes that they need to take them out to prevent the risk of testicular tumours. Poor Eddie is clearly not amused and Paul decides it’s time to talk man-to-man about the facts of life, to prepare him for his neutering operation.

Sadly, a lot of the dogs arriving at Battersea have been neglected or abused, but it’s not often a dog comes in looking as bad as Minnie. The tiny, defenceless three-month old puppy was found dumped on a doorstep in the freezing cold, virtually bald and with skin covered in scabs. Her condition is called skin mange, caused by a microscopic mite that it usually very easy to treat but has been allowed to deteriorate.

Vet Louisa begins Minnie’s treatment but it’s too early to tell whether the dog will make a full recovery. Minnie’s condition is so extreme that the Battersea team can’t even work out what breed she is. Meanwhile, a concerned Paul keeps everything crossed as he hopes for a happy ending.

Paul O’Gray – For the Love of Dogs continues tonight on ITV at 8:30pm

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  1. Tracey Barlow on June 13, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    I love what you do re the dogs. Have you got a charity set up?
    Currently I sponsor the ABF Soldiers’ Charity & the Pegasus Trust – Children in Africa. I recently did an abseil off the Pepsi Max in Blackpool & will be doing a Parachute Jump as soon as the details are arranged.
    I am VERY keen to sponsor the dogs…well any animal.
    I don’t like sponsoring random I want to be sure the money goes direct to the charity.

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