Paul O’Grady For the Love of Dogs: Paul meets Staffies Bella and Missie and Mastiff pups Una, Dot and Tresa

by Matt D


In this second instalment, Paul returns to Battersea to meet mother and daughter Staffies Bella and Missy, who’ve been inseparable since Missy was born. In fact the bond between them is so strong that vet Phil confirms that they must be rehomed together.

But first mum Bella must have some surgery to remove some potentially dangerous lumps on her tummy. As she prepares to go under the knife, Bella says goodbye to Missy and they utterly distressed to be temporarily separated from one another. Paul attempts to cheer Missy up, “look at her, she misses her mam, she makes me want my mam! I find it really touching this bond between the two of them, really moving.”

We’re also introduced to three-month old mastiff pups Una, Dots and Tresa. The trio had an unusual start to their lives as they were raised in a garage by a homeless man, until he was unable to care for them any longer. When they first arrive at Battersea they’ve never been on a lead before, so Paul is forced to transport them to their kennels in a laundry trolley while commenting that he feels like a hospital porter.


Due to their unconventional upbringing, the puppies have no idea about life outside the garage and therefore must be fully trained by the Battersea staff if they are to have any chance of being rehomed. The team eventually set up a fake living room in order for the puppies to get used to a home environment. All goes well with the experiment until one of the puppies knocks over a plant. Helping to clean up, Paul comments, “now this is a hoover girls, I’ve no idea how it works, I thought it was something you hung your clothes on.” Sadly, the puppies later come down with Pavro, a highly contagious virus that causes a quarantine situation in the home.

Finally, we meet Ethel, a terrified little Jack Russell who is brought into the home by a cab driver. Ethel is distraught and shaking after becoming separated from her owner so the Battersea team must work hard in order to reunite them.

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