Peaches Geldof insists she’s not obnoxious!

by Lisa McGarry

Peaches Geldof has insisted she isn’t as obnoxious as she appears in the papers.

Peaches, 21, has grown up in the spotlight but says she doesn’t let the media scrutiny affect her.

In an interview with this week’s heat magazine, she said: “I read about this person and I’m like, “Who is this girl? Who are you, because you’re not me and you’re really kind of obnoxious.” I wouldn’t like me if I’d just read about me in some of the publications.”

She added: “Having grown up in it, I understand so well now the way the media works and spins. I’m not the person to try to undermine how journalism works, because I’m a cog in this machine.”

Speaking about living through tough periods, including the death of her mother, Paula Yates, Peaches said: “There have always been periods that have been a struggle, but I feel like everything has definitely been fated. Sometimes it’s difficult, because I feel like a vampire. Like, with people my own age, sometimes I feel like Edward Cullen, only less good-looking. A less good-looking, slightly fatter Edward Cullen! I feel, like, so old sometimes and it makes me feel jaded.”

Peaches recently tweeted about her boyfriend, Thomas [Cohen, from the band SCUM], saying, “What do you do if your boyfriend is so good- looking that looking at his face is like staring directly into the sun?” Asked about the incident, Peaches explained: “You know when you have, like, an obnoxiously hot boyfriend? When they’re just ridiculously hot and you’re just, like, the obviously subordinate partner? It’s so upsetting. I just feel like I have this ridiculously fit boyfriend and I’m just like, “Raah!” in the corner. Personality-wise, I feel like we’re a good match, but sometimes there’s an obviously fitter partner. “

The full interview appears in this week’s heat magazine, on sale now (Tuesday).