Penelope Cruz & other celebrity mums who loved breastfeeding!

by Anna Howell

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Oscar-winning Hollywood actress, Penelope Cruz, has made headlines this week by revealing that after nursing her baby daughter for 13 months, she has become addicted to breastfeeding!

Cruz, who won both the Academy Award and BAFTA Award for Actress in a Supporting Role for her portrayal of Maria Elena in the 2008 blockbuster Vicky Cristina Barcelona, gave birth to Luna, her second child by husband Javier Bardem, in July last year, two years after giving birth to her son, Leo.

When announcing the birth Cruz explained that she planned on breastfeeding, explaining at the time: “I was breastfeeding my son 13 months, and I plan to do the same with my daughter. [Nursing] is addictive. It’s hard when the day comes when you have to stop.”

And now, 13 months later, the Spanish actress and model has admitted that she has enjoyed breastfeeding so much she is addicted to it.

Penelope isn’t the only A-Lister who has made her thoughts on breastfeeding public, in this day and age, where there is an alternative to just about everything, so we thought we would take a look at other celebrity mums who have voiced their opinions on the matter loudly:

Kourtney Kardashian

kourtney kardashian

One of the reality star sisters that rose to fame for just being famous, Kourtney was the first of her siblings to have children and has been very vocal about her preference to breastfeed ever since. Kourtney was actually photographed earlier this year breastfeeding her one year old daughter, Penelope, as she sat by the side of a pool in Florida.

However, this isn’t necessarily a passion that all the Kardashian sisters share as her sister Kim revealed a conversation she had with Kourtney while she was expecting her own child, North, during which Kourtney commented:

“One sister should babysit all the kids, so I can go out or vice-versa, and whichever sister is babysitting should just breastfeed all the kids that are there,’”

To which Kim was disgusted by and asked the question:

“Does that not freak you out?”

But Kourtney wasn’t particularly bothered, replying to her sister: “No, it doesn’t. That’s what they did back in the day.”

Maggie Gyllenhaal

maggie Gyllenhall

Maggie is another proud mummy who isn’t bothered about being photographed breastfeeding her daughter, Ramona, in a park in New York.

Maggie has always been very upfront about nursing, having stated in the past:

“I’m not a leave-them-in-their-crib-to-cry kind of girl.

“Fundamentally, I didn’t find that worked. You can’t tell another person when it’s right to stop breastfeeding, or how to put your kid to sleep. Every child is different.”

She added:

“I do think you just have to figure it out for yourself and go with your instincts.”

Gwen Stefani

gwen stefani

The former No Doubt singer nursed both her children, Kingston now 7, and Zuma now 5, and has admitted that she, like Penelope, loved the experience from beginning to end. In fact, when her youngest child had to be weaned so she could go on tour, she was sad that the experience was over, explaining:

“I didn’t want him to [quit]. It felt like a total rejection. It was really hormonal.”

Miranda Kerr

miranda kerr

Victoria’s Secret model Kerr was so in support of women breastfeeding that she shared a picture of herself nursing her son Flynn on social networking site Twitter, along with the caption:

“Another day in the office xxx.”

On another occasion her husband Orlando Bloom took a gorgeous picture of his wife breastfeeding his son and posted the pic on Kerr’s KORA Organics website when announcing the child’s safe arrival into the world.

He has also supported his wife’s choice to breastfeed on many occasions.



Pink is renowned for speaking her mind as loudly as she likes, so it came as no surprise that, possibly in a big two fingers to those who have the nerve to complain about women breastfeeding in public, she took time out whilst nursing her daughter Willow at a photoshoot to post a picture on Twitter along with the caption:

“Lunchtime at my album photoshoot. Deborah Anderson takes some purty pictures:)”

And it isn’t just her who is proud of her natural connection to her child, her husband Carey Hart, posted another photo of Pink breastfeeding on the site, stating next to it: “@pink Willz and i out to dinner in Paris. Looks like willow is having the best meal!”

In this day and age where people still feel the need to raise eyebrows at one of the most natural and nurturing part of parenthood, we salute these women who are using their position of fame to support women everywhere who have fallen prey to the minority of people who dismiss the concept, and hope that this sort of awareness will eventually result in the stigma being removed once and for all!

What are your thoughts on breastfeeding? Have you come across negativity? Have a look through our gallery and leave your thoughts and comments below:


  1. jamie lambert on December 22, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    I got a two year old that still breast feeds n he has never yet to be sick yet. No meds n no runny nose only goes to the doctor for Well checkups. I didn’t give him solids tip his first birthday. He only breastfeed his first 12 months of life. My sister would say negative marks when I’d breast feed him as an infant at a pool down in Gulf Shores Al. But she still feeds her kd age of 31/2yrs Gerber baby foods n he stays sick. He stays so sick she recently had to pull him out of preK cause of colds n such. He stays on meds…

  2. jamie lambert on December 22, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    Why are people so disgusted with breast feeding but they love to see porn?

  3. Erin on December 23, 2013 at 2:23 am

    People are afraid of wha they don’t know.

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