People Like Us – Series Finale – Poletergeist at the Wakefields and Aaron and Mikee start their own firm

by Nathan Crudden

PEOPLE LIKE USIn the penultimate episode of this series we catch up with the Wakefields, who are putting the recent spooky activity down to Malcolm – their resident poltergeist.

Malcolm has become such a nuisance that Karen has called upon local ghostbusters to try and contact him. Amber and Paul aren’t nearly as convinced, but still get caught up in what the ghost hunters find. When the Wakefields think they have got evidence of Malcolm on camera, they call back their hired ghost hunters for one last showdown with their pesky poltergeist.

People Like Us

14-year-old Jazmine and 15-year-old Kelsay are best friends who live just around the corner from each other and are together all the time. As of late, Jazmine has been the victim of racial abuse and her mum, Jaki, has had enough of it. Jaki makes the decision that she is moving her family out of the area, so this will now be the girls’ last summer together. How will the best friends cope when they are living 10 miles apart?

Likely lads Aaron, 21, and Mikee, 20, are best friends who have both been laid off from their low paid jobs. They are determined to make something of themselves and so they have decided to start their own painting and decorating business. Paid work is hard to come by though, so their first job is building a wheelchair ramp for Aaron’s nana who has not been able to leave her home in over a month. It will not pay the bills, but providing her with a vital lifeline will give them great job satisfaction. Will the good word of their business spread so the two lads can become their own bosses?

We also get to see 27-year-old Javeno, a fitness instructor who is on a one man mission to get Harpurhey fit. He is very tough on those he instructs but he gets results, and he has amassed a growing band of devotees who never miss his workouts. That however, is not enough for Javeno, who is now planning a free mass workout day to get the local community to do something about their health and fitness. Can this exercise guru get his community fit?

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